Fury would’ve taken £15m step-aside deal ‘in seconds’, says dad as he slams AJ

JOHN FURY says son Tyson would have accepted the £15million ‘step-asidedeal offered to Anthony Joshua ‘within seconds’.

جوشوا is understood to have turned down around the huge offer to pass up his rematch with أولكسندر أوسيك and let Fury take on the Ukrainian instead.

Fury 'would've said yes straight away' if the money had been offered

Fury ‘would’ve said yes straight awayif the money had been offeredالإئتمان: Stephen Dunkley/Queensberry Promotions

غضب شديد slammed his Brit rival for blocking his undisputed showdown, قول: “It’s called greed.

Now his dad has has his say, taking a dig at Joshua as well as promoter Eddie Hearn.

Speaking to talkSPORT, Fury Sr. قالت: “If that was offered to us I’d have said yes straight away.

Bang! Within seconds, done.

Free money? £15million, give it here! We’d have taken it straight away, it’s business.

He then took shots at هيرن, مضيفا: “Jealousy has taken over his brains.

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Fury slams AJ and Whyte as step-aside deal collapses 'at the 11th hour'


Fury slams AJ and Whyte as step-aside deal collapses ‘at the 11th hour

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Eddie Hearn has just blown AJ £100million! What kind of a businessman is he?

How can you take notice of Eddie Hearn? We can run rings round the likes of Eddie Hearn.

Eddie Hearn… he thinks he’s clever but he’s not dealt with Fury before.

He’s dealt with them now and wishes he’d never heard of the Fury name.

He wishes the Fury name never existed.

The ‘Gypsy Kingcontinued to mock Hearn and Joshua by posting a video of himself laughing alongside his brother تومي on Instagram and Twitter with the captionThere is some silly businessmen out there”.

Fury is currently preparing to take on Dillian Whyte.

في أثناء, Joshua aims to reclaim his WBO, IBO and IBF titles back.

The two heavyweight fights will reportedly take place in April and May.