Gemma Collins comparte una sorprendente confesión navideña y admite 'presión'

GEMMA Collins has revealed a surprising Christmas confession while admitting to feeling ‘pressure’ amid the cost of living crisis.

los glam 41-year-old spoke on her GC Podcast and admitted she “doesn’t feel Christmassy,” and explained the poignant reason why.

Gemma Collins has revealed why she's not in the Christmas spirit

Gemma Collins has revealed why she’s not in the Christmas spiritCrédito: Instagram/@gemmacollins
The star normally goes all out with Christmas decorations at her Essex home

The star normally goes all out with Christmas decorations at her Essex homeCrédito: Instagram

The star told her fans: “I’ve got to just talk about one thing that’s going on. I don’t feel Christmassy. I don’t know why I don’t feel Christmassy.

“I’ve been watching the Christmas movies, I’ve been eating the mince pies and I’ve even put in my phone for Santa Claus to give me a call. I’ve done it all.”

Gemma also admitted to feeling this way due to the cost of living crisis, which the star has addressed in the past on her podcast.

Ella añadió: “I’m putting a huge amount of pressure on myself to feel Christmassy but at the end of the day there’s a lot going on out there.

“Cost of living crisis and people’s electricity going up.”

The 42-year-old, who is a millionaire off the back of reality TV, has pleaded with her fans to stop giving presents this year and help out those in need instead.

She’s also decided to keep things simple this year to be a little more cost-effective.

Gema pulled out all the stops in 2021 to make sure that everyone had a brilliant Navidad.

She gave her £1.3m Essex mansion un incredible makeover, which included a huge Christmas tree and magical lights.

But the former Sabe star has decided not to do that this year.

She continued on her podcast: “I normally light my house up like from The Grinch but even I’ve cut back this year.

“I just feel like there’s a vibe in the atmosphere and it doesn’t feel Christmassy.

“I’m normally Mrs Santa Claus and love everything to do with Christmas but this year it doesn’t feel the same.

“There’s so much going on out there regarding people can’t pay their bills and people’s mortgages have gone up. It doesn’t feel right this year to have a big over the top Christmas.

“I hope the spirit kicks in for me as Christmas is two weeks away.”

In a bid to help others, the reality TV favourite also revealed the way in which she’s willing to help this festive period.

Ella continuó: “I said to my agent that I hope someone who really needs my help will present themselves to me so I can help a family this Christmas.

“I’d pay for their heating or even give them the best Christmas dinner of their life because there are so many people out there struggling.

“I think it’s about going back to the basics and remembering what the spirit of Christmas is all about and it’s not all about designer presents and spending loads of money.

“If there are people out there feeling pressured, just don’t feel the pressure and do something sentimental.

Gemma said she’d be getting people in her life a sentimental gift this year as opposed to something monetary.

She told fans who might be struggling to “take a deep breath” and said it would be “crass” if Christmas wasn’t on a budget this year.

Gemma shared: “I don’t want to have any excess waste in the house. I have cut back on decorations and I’ve not bought any Christmas food yet or chocolates.

“Regarding turkeys, let’s have a Turkey free Christmas because no one wants to kill turkeys so let’s let them go and be free.”

Gemma finished by urging her listeners to do something “honourable” this year, rather than “throwing money at things.”

Gemma said she’d be getting people in her life a sentimental gift this year

Gemma said she’d be getting people in her life a sentimental gift this yearCrédito: Instagram