Bethan Kershaw di Geordie Shore ha il cuore spezzato dopo la tragica morte di un compagno di scuola

Geordie Shore’s Bethan Kershaw is heartbroken after the death of a school friend.

The MTV star took to social media to reveal her devastation over the shock passing of longtime pal Scott Neailey.

Bethan is devastated by her pal's passing

Bethan is devastated by her pal’s passing
Bethan's post on instagram

Bethan’s post on instagram

She shared a touching throwback snap of her and her friend Neil on her instagram stories.

The caption read: “It doesn’t seem real that I’m writing this. Scott Neailey we’ve made so many memories together sitting in your shed in the back garden with the decks playing and the lads mcing, to the graveyard & hardtop on the weekend and being lil rascals in school refusing to eat the school meals and running out the gates.

Ha continuato: “But my favourites of you was the Hilton hotel times, only me and you will understand this butmousywas the funniest thing you’ve ever called me!

We went through so much together and your company was always such a positive one. I’m so glad I met you and I’ll always have those memories with me forever. Rest in peace angel.

Bethan ended the post with a heart emoji.

It is unclear how her friend Scott passed away.

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