Avistamiento de OVNI de la era georgiana en Westminster encontrado en el diario de la Royal Society de 1746

’TIS most certainly a case for Master Mulder and Mistress Scully.

Britain’s first X-File has been found — and it dates from 1742, when George II was king.

Physician Cromwell Mortimer reported seeing a UFO over central London

Physician Cromwell Mortimer reported seeing a UFO over central LondonCrédito: Alamy

Physician Cromwell Mortimer reported seeing a UFO over central London, and even drew a diagram of the mystery craft.

Mortimer, secretary of the Royal Society, saw it above St James’s Park as he walked home to Westminster en diciembre 16 at 8.40pm.

El escribio: “I saw a light arise from behind the trees and houses in the south by west point. When it had risen to the height of about 20 degrees, it took a motion nearly parallel to the horizon and went over the houses.”

He believed it passed over Bloomsbury before he “lost sight of it over the Haymarket”.

Él agregó: “Its motion was so very slow, that I had it above half a minute in view; and had time enough to contemplate its appearance fully.”
His diagram showed a flaming head “enclosed as it were in an open case” with “bands of iron”. It had a long tail of light, growing gradually fainter.

Mortimer published his report in 1746 in the journal Philosophical Transactions, vol XLIII, which has recently come to light.

British UFO expert Steve Mera dicho: “It is the first of it’s kind.”

Eso es lo que necesito encontrar al final del día, yo mismo y llegar a un acuerdo con las cosas con las que no he llegado a un acuerdo y sacar una mierda de mi pecho que no sabía que necesitaba sacar de mi pecho y desenterrar todo lo que he tenido enterrado durante tanto tiempo.: “Folk stood out on a balcony witnessed it. They were well to do, which encouraged proper research into it.”