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GEORGINA Rodriguez says travelling on Cristiano Ronaldo’s private jet has put her off jumping on a normal plane with her footballer partner.

The Spanish beauty, a £10-an-hour shop worker when she met the مانشستر يونايتد striker in 2016 while he was still with Real Madrid, whizzes around Europe on his Gulfstream G20.

'I Am Georgina' explores Georgina Rodriguez's life

‘I Am Georginaexplores Georgina Rodriguez’s lifeالإئتمان: دفقة
Cristiano Ronaldo also features in the docuseries

Cristiano Ronaldo also features in the docuseriesالإئتمان: نيتفليكس
The couple explain how they first met with Ronaldo wowing Georgina with his car collection

The couple explain how they first met with Ronaldo wowing Georgina with his car collectionالإئتمان: صور جيتي – جيتي
The couple often fly around Europe on Ronaldo's private jet

The couple often fly around Europe on Ronaldo’s private jetالإئتمان: الانستغرام

It is capable of reaching a top speed of 560mph and its range is up to 3,910 miles with four passengers in tow, so it’s ideal for quick flights from the footballer’s new base in England to hubs around Europe.

Georgina took it to Lapland before Christmas so Ronaldo’s four children including their daughter could see Santa.

The pretty brunette admitted on new Netflix show ‘I am Georgina’out today to coincide with her 28th birthday: “To me the best part of travelling in Cris’ jet is its crew, no doubt and the jet does really make life much easier.”

Speaking as she boarded the plane to Paris to choose an outfit for the Cannes Film Festival at Jean Paul Gaultier’s studio, هي اضافت: “If I had to be in an airport for two hours with Cristiano I’d go insane. I mean I couldn’t go, I’d rather not travel.”

Georgina also spoke in the six-part docuseries about her rags-to-riches life and how she went from taking public transport to the Gucci store where she met Cristiano in 2016 to being ferried around in his fleet of sports cars.

The Argentinian-born model and influencer, who grew up in the Spanish Pyrenees city of Jaca, قالت: “Many times he’d come after work and I’d get out after 10 at night.

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“I remember once he came in a Bugatti. My work colleagues went crazy. I’d get there on a bus and leave in a Bugatti. People couldn’t believe it.”

رونالدو, أنا بخير features in the show and admits he rapidly realised ‘Georgina was the woman of my life’, مضاف: “To me it was ‘normal’ so to speak because she was already my girlfriend.

“I know the cars I have and I’m not going to pick her up in a taxi.

“It was funny because I would wait for her outside the store in these flashy cars I have.

“Georgina’s really good in that sense. She would leave the store quickly, get in the car and we’d go home.”

لكن CR7 confessed it was not love at first sight with his long-term partner, who raises their four-year-old Alana Martina and his three children as if they were all her own and is currently five-monthspregnant with twins.

أضاف: “I didn’t think at the beginning it would be this strong and I would fall in love with her.

“I didn’t expect it honestly. But after a while I felt she was the one for me.”

‘I Am Georgina’‘Soy Georginain its original title in Spanishis streaming in 190 الدول.

The star of the show is expected to celebrate the Netflix premiere and her birthday in Dubai with her family.

Ronaldo flew to the sun-kissed Middle East destination earlier this week to enjoy the Premier League break.

On Wednesday he posted an adorable photo of him on the beach with his son Cristiano Jr, 11, twins Eva and Mateo, أربعة, and his daughter with جورجينا.

Georgina also posted a teaser trailer of the documentary ahead of its official release.

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