Get to know Kemi Badenoch

KEMI BADENOCH is one of the candidates that bid to become the UK’s Prime Minister following Boris Johnson’s resignation.

Here is what you need to know about the Tory MP.

Who is Kemi Badenoch?

Kemi Badenochborn on January 2, 1980 in Wimbledonis the Conservative MP for Saffron Walden and the current equalities minister.

Born in Wimbledon to Nigerian padres, Badenoch spent much of her early childhood abroad before returning to the UK aged 16 to obtain her A Levels.

She went onto study at the University of Sussex, before taking up stints as a software engineer, systems analysts as well as a role as a director at both a bank and a magazine.

She only joined Parliament en 2017 when she was handed the safe seat of Saffron Walden in Essexreplacing the outgoing former deputy speaker Alan Hazlehurst.

Kemi Badenoch has developed a growing reputation in the Tory party

Kemi Badenoch has developed a growing reputation in the Tory party

She also serves in Rishi Sunak’s team at the Treasury, has developed a burgeoning reputation amongst the grassroots for her war on “woke campaigners.”

Since coming into politics, she has been admitted into the famed 1922 Executive Committee and appointed into the parliamentary justice committee.


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Sajid Javid resigns as Health Secretary saying PM has ‘lost my confidence

Her influence was so telling that she was listed at Number 96 on Conservative political commentator Iain Dales ‘100 most influential on the Right 2017.

Badenoch’s other roles have seen her become the Conservative Party’s Vice Chair for Candidates and the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Children and Families.

In included her eyebrow raising comments last year when she criticised “certain people” calling for changes to the history curriculum in British schools in the wake of the Las vidas de los negros son importantes movement.

The Tory MP said that some campaigners wanted the history curriculum to be taught “in a way that suggests good people are black people” and “bad people are white people”.

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The equalities minister also came under scrutiny over her decision earlier this year to publish journalist Nadine White’s emails on social media in a stream of tweets, accusing her of “creepy and bizarre” behaviour.

Is Kemi Badenoch running for Prime Minister?

Badenoch launched her bid for Prime Minister with plans to axe pointless well-being jobs in government and ditch the net zero targets.

Badenoch has the backing of many as she said in Westminster: “Why are we spending millions on people whose jobs literally didn’t exist a decade ago, like staff well-being coordinators in the public sector?

What about the well-being of the actual public who can’t go on holiday because we can’t process a piece of paper?”

She aims to look into university degrees which leave students barely learning any life skills but with a student loan deuda, which will probably never be paid.

She explained how it estimates to up to £11 billion a year and how she plans toreduce the subsidy of low quality degrees.

Badenoch told The Sun: “As PM I’d open more good jobs to talented people, help young people avoid crippling debt, and save money from this reform and across the board.

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Is Kemi Badenoch married and does she have children?

Away from work, Kemi is married to Deutsche Bank employee Hamish Badenoch.

The couple have two daughters and a son.

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