Gino D’Acampo shocks contestants with very rude remark on new cooking show

CHEF Gino D’Acampo left the contestants on his show Cooking Up Love shocked with his very rude remark.

Set in Sardinia, Gino’s Cooking Up Love will help singletons find romance through food.

Gino D’Acampo made a cheeky quip on his new cooking show

Gino D’Acampo made a cheeky quip on his new cooking showCredit: ITV
Contestants were in hysterics

Contestants were in hystericsCredit: ITV
Gino surprised the chefs with his rude remark

Gino surprised the chefs with his rude remarkCredit: ITV

The show kicks off with three of Gino’s students, and slowly increases to nine.

They will be paired with each other to see if sparks fly.

And the 46-year-old TV star got things off to a hot start by gathering his cooking students around him, as he explained what they’d be making first.

As he discusses the ingredients they’ll be using for their first dish, Gino tells them they’ll use Pecorino cheese.

But, he assures them they won’t want to make a mistake with their pronunciation of the cheese.

In a cheeky quip, the chef added: “Be careful the way you pronounce it, because pecorino with an ‘o’ is the cheese, but if you put an ‘a’ at the end and call it ‘pecorina’…”

Gino then gathered all of the contestants together and added: “That means doggystyle in Italian and if you ask for pecorina in Italy, you will get it.”

The cooks were left shocked as they laughed at Gino’s cheeky joke.

Gino is opening the doors to his very own cookery school, where the students will meet and cook alongside each other in the hope of igniting passion in the kitchen.  

As well as hopefully ‘cooking up love’, the students will also get the chance to venture out together on day excursions and visiting some locations across the island.  

And, to spice things up, Gino adds three more students into the mix.

The series climaxes with a final dinner hosted by Gino as we find out the answer to the big question – “can love be found through food?”

So far, viewers have mixed reviews about the first episode.

Some viewers found themselves turning off at the first ad break.

Taking to social media to share their thoughts on the new dating-cum-cooking show, one person wrote: “Can’t watch anymore – cringe tv – sorry.”

Another said: “20 minutes in, it’s a no for me.”

A third penned: “I lasted to the first ad break. Not even Gino can save this. Cooking Up Love Island more like.”

A handful of viewers weren’t impressed with the show’s similarity to ITV dating show Love Island.

Someone said: “I cannot believe Gino is plumbing to these depths. It’s like Love Island.”

Another added: “Only been on 4 minutes. Basically love island does some cooking vibes.”

Some viewers found themselves turning off at the first ad break

Some viewers found themselves turning off at the first ad breakCredit: ITV