Google Maps ha hecho un cambio desgarrador tras la muerte de la Reina

SADDENED Google Maps fans have noticed that a much-loved feature has been removed following the death of the Queen.

The service has long had a specialEaster Eggwhenever you switch on Street View.

'PegMa'am' was introduced in 2015

‘PegMa’amwas introduced in 2015Crédito: Google

As many will know, you have to drop the so-calledPegmanwhenever you want to explore at street level.

Durante años, whenever you hovered it around El Palacio de Buckingham, the figure would transform into royal dress and sport a crown, to resemble Elizabeth II.

It was dubbed by the tech giant asPegMa’am”.

But no more.

It seems Google has quietly removed the feature since the Queen’s death.

Internet sleuths on Reddit noticed it no longer appears.

The Queen-like figure would also come up around Windsor Castle y Balmoral Castle.

But those just show the generic Pegman now as well.

Google first introducedPegMa’am” en 2015, to celebrate the Queen becoming the longest reigning monarch in the UK.

There are only a handful of special Pegman replacements on Street View.

If you look over Lago ness it changes into a mysterious green monster.

And if you check over eerie Area 51, the character becomes a OVNI.

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