Harry "a adopté un langage corporel dramatique à l'américaine", expert dit

PRINCE Harry has adopted American-style body languageposing his his hand on his chest indramatic” pose, a body language expert has claimed.

He was the surprise guest at a WellChild event at Kew Gardens, which celebrates inspiration young people living with serious illnesses, as well as those who go the extra mile while caring for them.

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Judi claims Harry was channelling his inner 'guru'

Judi claims Harry was channelling his inner ‘guruCrédit: � Thousand Word Media Ltd

Harry has been a patron of WellChild since 2007 and attended the celebration before the unveiling of the Princess Diana statue tomorrow.

It’s the first royal engagement for Harry since the birth of his daughter Lilibetand more than a year since he moved to the US.

And it has been claimed the royal has started to adopt more American body language.

Judi James told The Sun Online said: “We can see some US-style additions to his body language repertoire here.

She says Harry was showing two versions of himself at this event

She says Harry was showing two versions of himself at this event
Harry was full of enthusiasm when speaking to the kids

Harry was full of enthusiasm when speaking to the kids

“The pose with one hand on his chest and the other near his stomach looks like one of his more dramatic gestures that we tend to see when he is in ‘guru’ mode.

“But as he stands and poses in the middle of the group for their formal shot the way he holds his arms behind his back, his chest puffed with pride and his legs splayed out are all reminders of his much-loved military background.

Sitting talking to the younger guests Harry’s body language looks full of energy and enthusiasm, sitting either with his feet crossed under his chair to make himself look accessible rather than royal, or sitting forward and touching his chin to show active and intense listening as the younger guests speak.

And she said his body language was in contrast to when he was previously spotted in the car on his way to the event.

Elle a dit: “We can see two versions of Harry at this charity event.

“The man arriving in the car uses body language that suggests reflective thinking and even wariness.

“His eyes look distant and their expression dour or deadpan and he places a finger over his lips horizontally in what is often an expression of regret or internal debate.”

Prince Harry, who welcomed daughter Lilibet with wife Meghan Markle earlier this month, gushed over her birth to the event’s attendees.

The prince is due to appear alongside his brother at the unveiling of his mother's statue at Kensington Gardens

The prince is due to appear alongside his brother at the unveiling of his mother’s statue at Kensington GardensCrédit: � Thousand Word Media Ltd
Judi claims he's adopted some Americanisms since leaving the UK

Judi claims he’s adopted some Americanisms since leaving the UKCrédit: Pennsylvanie

Une source a dit: “WellChild is a charity that is very close to Harry’s heart and the organisers have moved heaven and earth to make this happen.

“His attendance was kept a complete secret and it was an amazing moment when he surprised those in attendance.

“Harry made sure he spent time talking to as many of the children and their families as possible – as well as care givers who were present at the ceremony.

“It was an enormous success and it could not have gone better.”

He is set to reunite with his brother Prince William tomorrow at Kensington Gardens for Diana’s statute unveiling, putting on a brave face for the occasion which would have been her 60e date d'anniversaire.

It’s also been said that the feuding brothers are set to sit down behind closed doors after the event tomorrow.

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