Heartbreak for Team GB’s Jessie Knight as she collides with first hurdle

TEAM GB star Jessie Knight suffered Olympic heartbreak after falling at the first hurdle of her 400m heat.

The 27-year-old’s 游戏 got off to the worst possible start, when somebody on her flight tested positive for Covid-19 12 几天前.

Jessie Knight stumbled into the first hurdle

Jessie Knight stumbled into the first hurdle信用: 法新社
The Team GB star was left tearful on the ground

The Team GB star was left tearful on the ground信用: 法新社
The 27-year-old was left devastated

The 27-year-old was left devastated信用: 盖蒂

This meant that, upon arrival in Japan, Knight was forced to isolate.

She could train once a day, but was denied freedom to roam the village and properly prepare for her event.

And when the day finally came around for her to compete, it couldn’t have gone any worse.

Knight tripped heading into the first hurdle, following an initial false start, hurtling straight into it.

The heartbroken star was understandably a picture of anguish as she rose from the ground, her opposition disappearing into the distance.

She was left in tears, and didn’t want to speak after her immense disappointment.

A primary school teacher by trade, Knight had given up her job in order to chase her Olympic dream on a full-time basis.

After her inauspicious arrival in Tokyo, Knight tried to make the best of thingsjoking that having all her food brought to her made her feel like royalty.

But frustrated team-mate Zak Seddon, who was also having to isolate upon arrival, couldn’t help but having a pop at her doing so.

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他写了, in a now deleted social media post: “Article makes me so mad.

So undermining of us who are struggling with this situation, thrive off social interaction, and perform our best when we get the stimulus from the championship environment.

All hope is not lost for Knight, 然而, as she will be back competing the 4×400 women’s hurdles relay on Thursday.

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