Holly Willoughby looks unimpressed as Alice Beer makes rude comment

HOLLY Willoughby awkwardly laughed on This Morning as co-star consumer reporter Alice Beer made a snide comment about her age.

The presenter engaged in conversation with Alice as they took part in a segment where they discussed plant-based milks.

Holly and Phil joined Alice as they tried various different milks

Holly and Phil joined Alice as they tried various different milks
Alice made a comment about Holly's age

Alice made a comment about Holly’s age
Phil appeared surprised

Phil appeared surprised

Alice let the presenters try a range of milks, including soya, almond, oat and pea.

As Alice gave presenters Holly, 41, e Phil, 60, various different milks to try, lei disse: “Phil you’re probably the same generation as me that had the little bottles of milk at school.”

Agrifoglio told Alice she had the milk bottles at school too.

Alice replied: “Did you have the little bottles, Oh, well you’re older than I thought.”

Phil looked surprised at the remark, as Holly began to laugh and exclaimed: “Oh no,” to which Alice replied: “Love you.”

It’s not the first time Alice has addressed one of the presenter’s ages on the show, con Phillip seeming noticeably unimpressed earlier this year as she mentioned his landmark birthday.

He looked deeply unimpressed as the consumer reporter brought up his age, flashing her a stare that one fan saidcould have killed”.

Speaking about loyalty cards, Alice spiegato: “Se sei finito 60 – that’s you tomorrow isn’t it, Phil – Puoi prendere…”

She then trailed off having noticed his expression, aggiungendo: “Oh. Oh caro, I should never have done that should I?”

Phillip replied coldly: “What a strange way to resign.

One viewer suggested that while the star’s birthday was enthusiastically celebrated by This Morning’s stars, no one else had dared to bring up how old he is.

The fan wrote: “They all said happy bday without the number apart from Alice Beer who broke rank. The look he gave her could have killed.

Another laughed: “Alice is getting a b*****king right now from Phil.

Un terzo ha scritto: “Alice mentions his birthday and nearly got sacked. Here’s Lisa with a cake.

Holly giggled as Alice brought up her age

Holly giggled as Alice brought up her age