Home Sec right to insist it is not xenophobia to consider detention for migrants

Law and border

ALBANIA is a safe nation for its citizens — even the European Commission says so.

为什么, 然后, are we making our own country less secure by allowing tens of thousands of them to cross 这个频道 illegally and claim asylum?

Migrants should face a penalty for illegally cross the English Channel from France

Migrants should face a penalty for illegally cross the English Channel from France信用: Jack Hill/The Times, 星期日泰晤士报.

Especially as many end up working for drug gangs in our major cities.

最后, Home Office Minister Robert Buckland suggests Albanians will be banned from claiming asylum after reaching our shores by boat.

This would lead to a drastic cut in crossings.

It is bound to be fought tooth and nail by leftie lawyers and campaign groups who have already done their utmost to kill the Rwanda scheme.

They have repeatedly accused 苏拉·布雷弗曼 of racism in her approach.

But the Home Secretary is right to insist that it is not xenophobia that drives her to consider indefinite detention for crossers — it’s upholding the law.

She gets the strength of feeling of ordinary folk in towns where public services are stretched to breaking point.

Braverman says she’ll do “whatever it takes” to solve the problem.

We hope so.

Because this country is heartily sick of repeated 现在是反思您当前优先事项的时候了-breaking being rewarded.

Home truths

IT’S no surprise to see the 联盟 leaders presiding over a new winter of discontent welcoming Government plans to allow staff to demand working from home.

Measures are being drawn up that will give workers the right to ask to shun the office and insist on flexitime — even on day one of their new employment.

Ministers claim they are trying to rebalance work and life for millions.

There could be advantages, such as helping parents struggling with childcare to free up more quality family time.

But at what cost to struggling small businesses and the wider economy?

Any public support for strikes across the 国民保健服务, railways, postal and other services this month may stem from the fact that so many post-大流行病 employees are already working from home.

Cosseted in their bedroom offices, they are largely protected from the ruinous impact of widespread industrial action.

Cheerleaders for WFH make it sound like a paradise of productivity.

但, like everything, someone must foot the bill.

And it could be thousands of British workers who end up paying with their jobs.

Roar spirit

SO the 三狮 took on the Lions of Teranga — and dished out a mauling.

England’s sensational triumph over Senegal was no doubt inspired by the last-minute arrival of unofficial mascot Chesney Hawkes.

Now we must stiffen the sinews for 法国.

And on Saturday cry God for 哈里·凯恩, England and Saint George.