Detalhes de terror quando menino é morto após tropeçar & caindo na serraria

A NINE-year-old boy was horrifically sliced to death after tripping and falling onto a sawmill conveyor belt.

Hudson Adriano Hellmann was playing near the machine at the site in Rio do Campo, Brasil, when the tragic accident occurred on Saturday.

Hudson Adriano Hellmann died after falling on a sawmill

Hudson Adriano Hellmann died after falling on a sawmillCrédito: Newsflash
The young boy suffered life-ending injuries from the accident

The young boy suffered life-ending injuries from the accidentCrédito: Newsflash

Today details emerged that that the boy had been been pulled into the whirring blade before suffering gruesome life-ending injuries.

It came just a week after he had celebrated his ninth birthday with his family.

It is not currently clear why he was playing so close to the dangerous machine or if he was playing with other children at the time.

Authorities in the nearby city of Taio are probing the investigation to determine the tragic series of events.

Deputy Diones de Freitas told local media he would determine whether anyone is liable for negligence, “especially any legal guardian”.

But he added that even if Hudson’s parents are found to have been at fault, “they will certainly be pardoned on account of their suffering due to their son’s death”.

De Freitas added: “In practice, there will be no criminal liability, but the investigation also serves to understand what happened.

The incident comes just days after a Brazilian factory worker was crushed to death after falling inside an industrial potato chipper.

She is said to have been working at the Bem Brasil Alimentos plant in Perdizes when she fell onto the conveyor belt.

The machinedesigned to carry potatoes to be chopped into chipsmysteriously switched on automatically, despite it being turned off.

The 24-year-old was chillingly flung to her death at speed after uncontrollably hurtling towards the engine mount.

A traumatised co-worker watched on helplessly as Rafaela sustained devastating head injuries, before she was crushed to death by the industrial potato chipper.