Horror of ‘talking deadCovid patients revealed as portable morgues set up

MEDICS have revealed the horror oftalking deadCovid patients who are awake but can’t survive without machines.

Things have become so dire in one Tallahassee hospital that staff are now referring to Covid patients who are hooked up to breathing machines as thetalking dead”.

Morgues are being filled with Covid patients

Morgues are being filled with Covid patients
Florida's experiencing its biggest seven-day average of Covid cases since the pandemic began

Florida’s experiencing its biggest seven-day average of Covid cases since the pandemic beganCrédito: Rex

Tallahassee Memorial Hospital is experiencing the most Covid patients ina very long time”, one CNN report recounts.

Em janeiro, Memorial had 41 Covid patients. That’s now at 135 – most of which are unvaccinated.

One CNN reporter who visited the hospital said the situation was “comovente” and that nurses were struggling to get patients of oxygen.

Those are patients who are still awake right now, who are still conscious, so they are having these very difficult conversations with their doctors and their nurses, and facing that very tough reality that if that life-sustaining equipment that’s breathing for them is removed, as this hospital official described it for me, they could be dead in a matter of minutes,” CNN’s Polo Sandoval said.

Ryan Smith, Memorial’s top clinical officer, doubled up as a nurse to get a sense of what was happening on his hospital’s Covid ward.

The first part of my shift, I had my first few patients look at me and say, ‘Don’t let me die,” Smith disse.

As soon as you remove them from the devices they no longer made it,” he explains. “To watch how quickly they dwindle down is the hardest thing for me.

He said when nurses do try weaning patients off oxygen that theyquickly got worse”.

The ‘talking dead’ didn’t make sense to me until I saw it firsthand,” the doctor said.

It’s how quickly they decompensate when they don’t have that oxygen.

Ele adicionou: “The rest of the world can’t see what goes on behind these doors.

We want COVID to go away, but the reality is that it is here. It’s real. It impacts a lot more people than it should.

This comes as a judge struck down Governor Ron DeSantisban on school mask mandates, ruling the governor did not have the constitutional authority to issue such a ban.

DeSantis has vowed to appeal.

The Sunshine State had 150,000 new Covid cases in the past weekthe highest number for any seven-day period since the pandemic began in March 2020.

Portable morgues have also been sent to 14 hospital systems in Central Florida as they and crematoriums hit capacity, de acordo com Correio diário.