cuantas calorias quema el sexo?

SEX is often described as a great workout, but could it actually help you lose weight?

Doing the deed does indeed burn calories, though it might not be the quality cardio you think it is.

cuantas calorias quema el sexo?

The amount of calories you burn during sexo obviously depends on a few factors.

los sex position you choose, how long it lasts and how active you are will have a pronounced effect on how many you’re burning off.

A 2013 study scientists at the University of Montreal found that men burn considerably more calories than women during sex.

Their resultspublished in journal PLOS ONEfound that, on average, men burn 100 calories on average, while for women it’s 69.

The sex position you're using, how long it lasts and how active you are will have a pronounced effect on how many calories you're burning off

The sex position you’re using, how long it lasts and how active you are will have a pronounced effect on how many calories you’re burning offCrédito: Getty

It was estimated that men burn around 4.2 calories during a bonking session, con 3.1 for women.

This may be because men may be more physically active during sex, but it’s mainly because men weigh more, and so their energy expenditure is higher, even for the same amount of exercise.

What are the best sex positions to burn calories?

Different positions can yield different results in terms of calorie burning.

But which positions burn the most?

Online retailer aimed to find out just that, and gave Fitbits to 112 heterosexual couples and told them to wear it while having sex.

This is how much each position could see you burn through.

The Squat

Women burn the most during The Squat - 188, this can be upped to 224 by going faster.

Doing a reverse squad will see you drop 137 calorías, with the man found to drop 48 calorías.

The Butter Churner

los Butter Churner is a pretty gymnastic position, but for those that can manage it, women lose around 179 en media hora, while men will blaze through around 211.

The Kneeling Wheelbarrow

The Kneeling Wheelbarrow is a great way to shed loads of calories.

Women can expend 149 calories in this position, while men will lose around 167.

Standing Position

los Standing position is another big energy burner and is the second most intense position for blokes.

Men can burn around 198 calorías, while women will lose around 145.

Cowgirl & Reverse Cowgirl

Cowgirl and reverse cowgirl both burn quite a lot of calories for women – alrededor 139 y 137 respectivamente.

Men exert less effort in these positions and only lose 48 calorías.


los Loto doesn’t require a high level of flexibility and will also help you lose a fair few calories – 148 for men, y 139 for women.


los 69 requires quite an expenditure of effort from both partners, but significantly more for women in the study who lost around 111, to the men’s 78.

Is having sex everyday healthy?

There’s no evidence to suggest that having sex daily has any ill-effects on your mental or physical health.

The exception to this might be getting soreness on your genitals from frequent sex.

If this occurs it might be a good idea to give your erotic equipment a much needed rest.