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YOUTUBER and influencer Logan Paul rose to fame around 2013 during the height of the video-sharing app Vine.

Logan Paul has also been participating in boxing fights aside from his content creating career.

Logan Paul is a Youtuber and content creator

Logan Paul is a Youtuber and content creatorCredito: Youtube

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Secondo TMZ Paul reportedly spent $3.5million on fake Pokémon cards.

The Youtuber posted a video on his channel revealing the mega purchase to his audience.

The video is titled I Lost $3,500,000 On Fake Pokémon Cards and has already received over 1million views.

I’m a super positive person, Fra,” Logan said. “E, I’ll always be the one to look at the bright side, and I am trying, but this is very hard.

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The experience is not a complete loss as Paul still has a first editionShadowlessCharizard card, Rapporti TMZ.

Paul claims the card is now worth more than a million dollars.

He also has five other packs of first edition Pokémon cards.

Did Logan Paul get his money back from the Pokémon cards?

Logan’s friend/famous card collector Bolillo Lajan San revealed to TMZ that Paul did indeed get his money back.

I have reimbursed Logan his 3.5,Bolillo Lajan San said to TMZ.

Paolo, 26, and his friend Bolillo Lajan San met with the Baseball Card Exchange in Chicago in hopes to prove his purchase was wise.

They were met with the bad news of thebogus cards.

Logan Paul revealed he spent over $3million on fake Pokémon cards

Logan Paul revealed he spent over $3million on fake Pokémon cardsCredito: Youtube

It’s sad for the Pokémon community, piace, how many fraudulent things are out there?” Paolo ha aggiunto. “I’m grateful for the things that I have that are real now. Piace, I’m picturing my Charizard in my head like, “Oh mio Dio, holy s***, something real, something worth a lot of money that is real!”

What are Logan Paul’s fans saying about the card incident?

Fans of Paul responded to the tweet of the Youtuber sharing the news.

This is crazy. Sorry to see this, but I’m thankful you’re able to share this with so many people for transparency. But first and foremost, get that money back,” oner user wrote.

Other users chimed in sharing their own experiences of buying fake cards.

i got scammed many years ago also for like a $150,the user shared.

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