Quantos anos tem a namorada de Raymond van Barneveld, Julia??

RAYMOND VAN BARNEVELD made his return to the darts circuit this month for the PDC World Darts Championship.

And after what he thought would be his final appearance at the World Championships in 2019, the Darts icon began a new life with Brit girlfriend Julia Evans.

 Van Barneveld and Julia sipping cocktails in Ibiza

Van Barneveld and Julia sipping cocktails in IbizaCrédito: Instagram

Who is Raymond van Barneveld’s girlfriend Julia?

British beauty Julia Evans, 37, began officially dating Raymond van Barneveld in April 2019.

Contudo, eles eram caught kissing in a hotel in February by The Sun.

And Evans has told Art About the Floor that she sees a long and happy future with the Dutchman.

Ela comentou: I want to grow old with him. I don’t rule out marriage.

She added that they first met at a darts tournament in Southampton, ditado: “We started talking and chatted with each other for a while. There was a real click, which surprised me too.

He is patient and sweet. I understand him and he me. I think we fit well together.


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When did van Barneveld break up with wife Sylvia?

Van Barneveld is currently in the process of getting divorced from his wife.

But shortly after being snapped with Julia in the hotel, he confirmed that his relationship with Sylvia had ended.

A spokesman for the darts legend said in March: “I can’t speak for Silvia but they have been working on getting divorced for a few months. They are wanting to do it at their own pace.

“They live their own lives but with a good understanding of each other.”

The Dutchman’s relationship with Sylvia had reportedly been strained by his time away from home at tournaments, and in summer 2018, Sylvia was robbed at gunpoint while he was competing.

Following the incident, Van Barneveld said: “My marriage is a big problem. It takes its toll there. Especially when you are robbed in your own house.

My wife had a loaded gun pointed at her head in June.

 Darts legend Van Barneveld is in the process of divorcing his wife

Darts legend Van Barneveld is in the process of divorcing his wifeCrédito: Alamy Live News

“She doesn’t want to live in the house any more because she is frightened.

“We have to live separately. She wants an apartment. She is scared.

“You have to deal with that. I cannot give the love and attention she needs because I am always away. I cannot say ‘no’ to what I earn now.

“The court case is on at the start of the World Championship.

“It’s going to be hard for me and Silvia. I can’t go home as I have to prepare for the worlds.

“The trouble is, even if they get 10-12 years for example, what do we win? We win nothing.

“Emotions are there. I let my wife down not being there for her, which is stressful.”