So füttern Sie eine fünfköpfige Familie mit einem Drei-Gänge-Weihnachtsessen für nur £20

A WOMAN has revealed how you can feed a family-of-five a luxury three course Christmas dinner for less than £20 this December.

Amy Kelly, a lifestyle blogger from Whitby has teamed up with Beyond Housing to put together a festive feast at just £3.76 per person.

Amy Kelly has revealed how you can cook a three course Christmas dinner for £20

Amy Kelly has revealed how you can cook a three course Christmas dinner for £20Anerkennung: YouTube/@ The Beach Lady
By swapping turkey for chicken you can save masses

By swapping turkey for chicken you can save massesAnerkennung: YouTube/@ The Beach Lady
This posh starter comes in at just 36p a head

This posh starter comes in at just 36p a head
This impressive pud uses bargain ingredients

This impressive pud uses bargain ingredients

Amy says: “Being a working mum I understand how difficult it is to feed your family healthy meals on a budget

“Over the years I’ve picked up a lot of tips and tricks to help keep the weekly shopping budget down low.

“I’m going to show you how you can feed your family a delicious three course Christmas meal for around £20.”

Here we reveal her super simple and fantastically frugal Christmas lunch menu

Pate with Melba toast and chutney

Shopping list: Bread 36p Lidl, pate £1.19 at Lidl, chutney £1.30 at Sainsbury’s

Cost per serving: 57p


Begin by toasting a slice of bread. Allow it to cool and then slice the crusts off before slicing horizontally through the centre of the slice, leaving you with two thinner squares.

Cut into triangles and then place them under the grill for about a minute (be sure to keep an eye!).

Serve with pate and a spoonful of chutney

Roast chicken and all the trimmings

Total cost: £12.50

Cost per serving: £2.50


Amy bagged all of her vegetables and chicken from Aldi and Lidl but feel free to vary what vegetables you buy according to what your guests like.

Amy begins with her chicken, coating the outer layer with slices of bacon before popping it on to roast according to the time on the packet.

She then slices up red cabbage and combine it with two tablespoons of balsamic vinegar, twi teaspoons of cranberry sauce and two heaped teaspoons of mixed spice mixed with a little water and then heated gently until cooked through.

She then boils her peeled and halved potatoes as well as cubed suede until soft. She will mash the suede with a knob of butter while the potatoes are shaken and roasted separately.

Amy suggests boiling your carrots in fresh orange juice to give them more flavour and when it comes to sprouts her trick for adding bacon should conquer the divide.

Sie fügt hinzu: “A lot of people don’t like sprouts they get a lot of bad press but i promise you if you do them like this even the sprout haters will love them.”

And she says there is nothing wrong with cutting a few corners, serving up packet gravy, stuffing mix and premade pigs in blankets.

Ice cream Christmas pudding

Total cost: £3.36 (all items from Sainsbury’s and Lidl.)

Cost per serving: 67p


Amy begins by heating a jar of mince meat to break down the suet for about three minutes.

She then slices up a lemon swiss roll and places them in a bowl lined with two or three layers of cling film, arranging so they cover the entire area.

She then users a stand mixer to combine basic vanilla ice cream with the mince meat, tipping the mixture on top of the swiss roll shell.

Amy then arranges the final slices on the base, before popping in the freezer for at least three hours.

Finally she melts a block of white chocolate before tipping over the top of the pud and finishing with a sprig of holly.

Amy says: “I know what you’re thinking I could have just gone out and got a christmas pudding but where’s the fun in that?

“This dessert’s not only cheap but it’s really fun to make and you can get your kids involved.”

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