So finden Sie Ihren 2021 Instagram-Jahresrückblick

WIE 2021 comes to a close, it’s time to look back on the better moments of the past 12 Monate.

With an almost normal summer to enjoy, ending of restrictionsbefore they came back with a vengeancethere were lots of happier moments to share on social media again.

Instagram's Year In Review takes inspiration from Spotify's own feature

Instagram’s Year In Review takes inspiration from Spotify’s own featureAnerkennung: Getty

Many users are reliving some of the good times of 2021 using Instagram’s Year In Review feature.

It’s a bit like Spotify’s popular music in review, which shows your most listened tunes.

But it’s only around for a limited time.

Playback, as it’s officially called, curates ten of your Instagram Stories of the year.

Even though it’s put together automatically, you can remove the bits you don’t like and add others instead.

A message should have started to appear on the Instagram feed from around December 10.

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If you don’t see itor accidentally cleared itthere is a workaround but it might require some work, and luck.

How do I add Instagram’s Playback Year In Review?

If any friends have posted their Playback Year In Review then you can tap a special 2021 sticker that should appear.

This will allow you to build your own.

If none of your mates have posted one, then your luck is running out.

You could try and find someone else who has posted it on their story but you may end up searching forever and find nothing.

Given how basic the feature is, it might just be worth building your own Instagram Story of highlights.

All your stories are stored in the Archive part of the app, so you can do it all yourself instead.

2021 Playback is only available for a limited time

2021 Playback is only available for a limited time

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In anderen Nachrichten, NASA has slammed Russia after a missile it fired into one of its own satellites forced the space station to perform an emergency swerve.

Scientists have figured out how fast a type of dinosaur could runand it would have given Usain Bolt a run for his money.

And Google has confirmed that some of its smartphones are unable to call emergency services due to a software bug.

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