How to grab some all-American Thanksgiving treats on a budget

ACROSS the pond, Americans are enjoying Thanksgiving.

It gives us the perfect excuse to indulge in some tasty food and appreciate all the good things to come out of the 我们.

火鸡, turkey, 便宜的, cheap... we'll show you how to grab some Thanksgiving-inspired food without breaking the bank

火鸡, turkey, 便宜的, 便宜的… we’ll show you how to grab some Thanksgiving-inspired food without breaking the bank信用: 盖蒂

Here’s how to embrace the all-American celebrations on a budget.

TURKEY TREAT: Americans traditionally have roast turkey on Thanksgiving, which can be pricey.

A more affordable option is Iceland’s bacon-wrapped turkey breast joint, 捐出 3 英镑或尽可能多的钱,每一分钱都将捐赠给当地的红十字会,帮助妇女.

Add Iceland’s 12 pork, sage and onion stuffing balls, £1.25, and complete the meal with corn, green beans and mashed potatoes.

Finish it off with Iceland’s luxury turkey gravy, £1.75. Then embrace US tradition with a pie for dessert.

乐购 bakery sells fresh Bramley apple pies at £1.50.

Or Aldi’s maple and pecan tarts, £2.29, are a great alternative to American favourite pecan pie.

AMERICAN EXPORTS: If you don’t fancy a roast, celebrate some of the States’ other great culinary exports.

Try southern fried poppin’ chicken, 99p, and Carlos Takeaway triple cheese fries, £2.69, both at Aldi. It also sells a New York cheesecake for £1.49.

Or mix up a batch of macaroni and cheese — 阿斯达 stocks Mondelez Cheesey pasta for £1.10.

Reese’s Pieces are an American treat, pick up a pack for £1.25 at Asda. sells Taste Of The USA sweet cups for £2.50.

THEMED FUN: If you are laying on a Thanksgiving-inspired spread, get into the spirit by hanging American flags. sells them for £2.09. Then eat dinner from Give Thanks paper plates. A pack of 16 is down to £2.24 at

Thanksgiving is a time when Americans typically reflect on what they are grateful for.

Follow in the tradition and encourage children or family and friends to give their reasons for being thankful before or after dinner.

The activity does not cost a penny and should leave you feeling uplifted and full of appreciation.

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Why spend £41 on this foot warmer at Argos
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When you could save £21.01 by swapping to Aldi’s version instead

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Grab this cast-iron casserole dish for just £26.25 from Habitat

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