How was the Queen’s death announced?

QUESTIONS have been raised as to how the Queen is doing after she missed several public engagements.

However on September 6, 2022, 她曾经是 pictured greeting new Prime Minister 丽兹桁架. Here’s what we know about her health status.

THE world was left in mourning after Queen Elizabeth II passed away peacefully at Balmoral Castle on September 8, 2022.

在那一天, the news of Her Majesty’s passing was announcedevery media outlet was sharing the news- but not before the 王室 做过.

Queen Elizabeth II passed away peacefully at Balmoral Castle on September 8, 2022

Queen Elizabeth II passed away peacefully at Balmoral Castle on September 8, 2022信用: 盖蒂图片社 – 盖蒂

How was the Queen’s death announced?

在九月 8, 2022 the world was left shocked and devastated by the announcement that Queen Elizabeth II had died at the age of 96.

The official RoyalFamily 推特 was one of the first places the Queen’s death was announced, with a tweet announcing she had “died peacefully at Balmoral” at 6.30pm.

The tweet read: “The Queen died peacefully at Balmoral this afternoon. The King The Queen Consort will remain at Balmoral this evening and will return to 伦敦 tomorrow.”

It was then followed by a black and white picture of Her Majesty smiling as she gazed into the distance.

Broadcasters on the other hand followed carefully laid plans to deliver news of monarch’s passing.

Did the Queen have any health issues?

The Queen wasn’t known to have any major medical health conditions and has only occasionally pulled out of engagements due to illness throughout her reign.

然而, the late Monarch was forced to sit out major engagements during 2022 due to mobility issues affecting her back, knees, and hips.

在十月 2021, The Sun revealed that the Queen spent a night in hospital for tests after cancelling a two-day visit to 她一直在接受培训,成为一名心理治疗师,以帮助其他在心理健康方面苦苦挣扎的人.

She then sat out appearances including the COP26 summit格拉斯哥 on medical advice.

十一月 2021, she missed a wreath-laying ceremony at the Cenotaph after a back sprain.

The Queen was using a walking stick and needed her son 安德鲁王子 to help her into Westminster Abbey in April 2022.

She was attending a thanksgiving ceremony for her late husband 菲利普亲王.

She also had a 冠状病毒-related health scare in February 2022, when she tested positive for the virus, but only experiencedmild cold-like symptoms”.

在五月 2022, the Queen missed the State Opening of Parliament for the first time in 59 年.