Hunky new Emmerdale nanny to tempt Gabby Thomas at Home Farm

KIM Tate’s Home Farm job battle sees Gabby and Dawn face their latest challenge in upcoming scenes on Emmerdale.

The two have been drawn into battle by the matriarch in order to win the new job position that Kim (Claire King) has up for grabs.

Gabby is left seriously impressed during the nanny auditions

Gabby is left seriously impressed during the nanny auditionsCrédit: ITV
Kim has been putting them through their paces

Kim has been putting them through their pacesCrédit: ITV

Dans new scenes, Kim puts the girls to the test by asking them to help assist in the search for a nanny so that whoever gets the job will know that their children are being adequately looked after.

The girls begin to sift through the initial wave of applications for the role and upon sensing there is competition between the two girls, Kim is delighted.

As part of their joint task, Dawn (Olivia Bromley) and Gabby (Rosie Bentham) will have to pitch their own ideas to Kim.

Upon giving them the once over, Kim expresses to them that they should have been able to work together and collaborate in order for them to reach the best possible solution.

Having been through the applications, it is time to start the interviews and in true Kim Tate-style, she sets up a grand formal affair in order to dissect each possible candidate.

Dawn expresses her last minute doubts over hiring a nanny but Billy reassures her that it is the correct thing to do.

Kim, Gabby and Dawn form a judging panel in order to analyse and critique each nanny one by one.

First up, the trio speak to an old-fashioned nanny who Gabby and Dawn both take a huge initial dislike to.

Kim is shocked by this but is happy for them to make the final call as they say they would refuse to employ her as their children’s nanny.

They then begin to interview the next potential candidate where it becomes clear that Kim is certainly not on the same wavelength as her younger counterparts.

Dawn and Gabby are impressed by Samantha and plan to offer her the job, much to the displeasure of Home Farm’s leading lady.

They decide to interview one last candidate to be sure but are left both surprised and excited by who turns up.

Nicki, a hunky male nanny arrives, immediately impressing the girls.

When Samantha eventually rules herself out of the running, an intrigued Gabby offers up the job to a delighted Nicky who happily accepts and is eager to meet the children.

Despite her initial worries, Dawn feels comforted and content when she sees Nicky and Clemmie bond and make an instant connection.

Dawn agrees with Gabby that Nicky should get the job.


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