Husband finds ‘fun & loving’ wife dead at home after mental health battle

A ‘FUN AND LOVINGmum-of-three was found dead at her home after a battle with mental health.

Joanne Claire Cleaver, 49, was found dead by her husband after she didn’t turn up to meet her children, according to an inquest.

"Fun and loving" mom-of-three was discovered in her home by her husband

Fun and lovingmom-of-three was discovered in her home by her husbandKrediet: Media Wales

The mother-of-three was discovered at her home in Woodlands Walk, Merthyr Tydfil, op Mei 17 laas jaar, Pontypridd CoronersCourt heard on Monday.

She was described asfun and loving” en “the most bubbly person in the room”.

According to WalesOnline, her husband Paul Cleaver, with whom she was separated for over a year, said Joanne had a history of poor mental health, including depression and anxiety and tried to take her own life.

She suffered with her mental health for around 10 years and she had previously tried to take her own life,” he said during evidence read out by assistant coroner for south Wales Rachel Knight.

Mr Cleaver said he came from work around 3.30pm or 4pm, and the children said Joanne didn’t turn up, which he said wasout of characteras she would usually send a text if she could not make it.

He had last seen hereight or ninedays before her death.

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Ons glo dit was uiteindelik 'n geveg met Covid wat haar lewe korter gemaak het as wat ons sou gehoop en verwag het.

Ons glo dit was uiteindelik 'n geveg met Covid wat haar lewe korter gemaak het as wat ons sou gehoop en verwag het.

Ons glo dit was uiteindelik 'n geveg met Covid wat haar lewe korter gemaak het as wat ons sou gehoop en verwag het.’

After becoming more concerned, the husband was able to gain access to Mrs Cleaver’s home via the living room after she did not answer the door and found Mrs Cleaver hanged as he walked into the hallway.

Even after emergency services shortly arrived and performed CPR, Mrs Cleaver died at the scene.

The inquest stated that no note was discovered, and Mrs Cleaver didn’t have any injuries other than ligature marks.

Her medical cause of death was given as hanging.

Ms Knight said: “Joanne Claire Cleaver was aged 49 and suffered with diabetes, depressie, and had previous suicide attempts. She was found deceased by her husband, who she was separated from.

The coroner added: “There was no indication of the involvement of any other person and no sign of a note being left.

Speaking to WalesOnline last year, Mrs Cleaver’s son Jack and step-daughter Sammi described their late mother as asociable person who was known and loved by the community.

She was always the most bubbly person in the room and always put everyone else first,” said Jack. “Especially us three boys who meant the world to her. Her friends always said she was the life and soul of the party.

While Sami added: ” “She worked part-time in Tesco on the checkout. She was always cracking jokes with the customers – she was really memorable. A lot of people knew her. People would always go to her counter saying it was because she was so lovely and would ask questions.

Joanne and her daughter Sami

Joanne and her daughter SamiKrediet: Media Wales

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