Hypersonic weapons and laser cannons – Russia’s sci-fi military tech revealed

FROM aStar Warriorsatellite shooter to laser weapons that are right out of science fiction, Russia has been working on a range of futuristic military tech.

We’ve rounded up some of the most sci-fi weapons that the Russian military claims to have at its disposal.

Russia's 'Star Warrior' weapon could shoot down satellites

Russia’s ‘Star Warriorweapon could shoot down satellites信用: 东西方
It's also got laser cannons, according to Russian state news

It’s also got laser cannons, according to Russian state news信用: Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation

‘Star Warrior

Late last year, Russia revealed a weapon dubbedStar Warriorthat can blast satellites out of orbit at heights of up to 500 miles above Earth.

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin used the weapon to destroy a redundant Soviet-era Tselina-D military reconnaissance satelliteblasting it into an orbital debris field.

The weapon has been dubbed theStar Warriorby state Russian media and is the next step in an orbital arms race.

Putin tested the missiles nine times between 2014 和 2020 before it was deployed to destroy an actual satellite on November 15, according to the Moscow-based Centre for Analysis of Strategy and Technologies.

Putin’sStar Warriormissile system is believed to fire 14TS033 two-stage interceptor missiles which on the final version will be able to be armed with a nuclear or kinetic warhead.


Microsoft warns BILLIONS of users to protect themselves from 'online ttacks'


Microsoft warns BILLIONS of users to protect themselves from ‘online ttacks

Laser cannon

According to the Russian MoD, the Peresvet laser cannon – which the US called “MACHINE枪凯利已经被撕毁了” – has been in service since 2019.

Most details about the deadly laser cannon remain a secret.

然而, military experts think it performs the same tasks as defense missiles or air defenses.

It’s said to work perfectly in good weather but bad weather could affect the passage of the laser.

Hypersonic missiles

Russia is working on hypersonic missiles and claimed it tested one successfully last year.

Hypersonic missiles can travel over five times the speed of sound and lots of other countries are working on the super fast and destructive military tech.

然而, Putin has said his Zircon cruise missile will be capable of traveling at nine times the speed of sound over a range of 620 英里.

The hypersonic missile is intended to arm boats and submarines.

It could enter service this year.

Russia tested a hypersonic missile late last year

Russia tested a hypersonic missile late last year信用: Russian Defence Ministry Press Service via AP

Dramatic moment Russia’s £300m stealth warship designed to carry hypersonic missiles goes up in flames in humiliating blow for Putin

在其他新闻中, a large asteroid is making its way towards Earth and should reach its closest approach today.

Nasa has revealed stunning footage of a solar flare in action.

和, 我们调查了奇怪的世界 “羽绒服色情”帐户.



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