Mi sono bloccato nell'auto del mio vicino dopo che mi hanno rubato il posto – sono io la cagna?

AN ANGRY motorist has uploaded a video asking people ‘am I the b**chfor blocking in a car.

Uploaded to TikTok, the video by user @jorjia219 shows a picture of a cul-de-sac with a Fiat 500 blocking in a black SUV.

TikTok user @jorjia219 uploaded this video showing her Fiat 500 blocking an SUV

TikTok user @jorjia219 uploaded this video showing her Fiat 500 blocking an SUVCredito: TIKTOK/@jorjia219

She starts the video by saying: “Così, am I the b**ch for doing this?

That is my car, blocking whoever is parked in my space. We’re in a cul-de-sac and everyone gets one space.

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Just here, there are two spare spaces that somebody could park in.

She then says that although she could park in these spare spaces, she doesn’t out ofprinciple.

At the other end of the cul-de-sac, she reveals there are a further four spaces for visitors to park in.

After having a look inside the black SUV, she comes to the conclusion it might be a nurse looking after one of her elderly neighbours.

But then says that the elderly people on the street run a tight ship , often knock on her door to complain, that theyknow the rules,” and it’s apersonal attack.

The TikTok user goes on: “To add to the story, I’m not driving to work tomorrow, I’m getting a lift in.

That person is getting blocked in until Saturday. Am I a b**ch?”

There was a mixed response from people in the comments below.

uno ha detto: “Are they (the spaces) numbered? Otherwise you are expecting people who have a legally taxed car to be mindreaders!”

Un altro ha detto: “You go girl! It drives me nuts when our neighbours across the road parks outside our house! Stick to your own side of the road!”

Mentre un altro ha detto: “If it’s a nurse it could have been an emergency and if it is a nurse they might have to dash to the next patient. Just be kind.

She said everybody had their own space and that neighbours should know the rules

She said everybody had their own space and that neighbours should know the rulesCredito: TIKTOK/@jorjia219
Then revealed that she wasn't driving to work the following morning

Then revealed that she wasn’t driving to work the following morningCredito: TIKTOK/@jorjia219

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