I can’t find a job I enjoy or earn well in and I worry about the future

亲爱的迪德: WITH six jobs under my belt since leaving school, it seems I can’t settle in any role.

As soon as I start one job, I quit, dreaming of a better one.

I can't settle on a career choice, I am just not happy

I can’t settle on a career choice, I am just not happy

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我是 28 and worry I’ve made some bad choices and won’t ever really enjoy any work I do.

So far I’ve worked in factories, supermarkets and in telesales. None of them were for me.

I regret not getting a trade. If I’d become an electrician or a carpenter, I’d be set up for life.

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I’m still living at home and worry about the future.

I want to earn more so that I can have my own place.

迪德说: You still have plenty of time to find work that you enjoy and it certainly isn’t too late to train in a trade.

You may even have the right to take time off work to train.

To find out more on training, courses and the financial help available, check out gov.uk/career-skills-and-training.

And remember, we can all learn until the day we die – you are never too old.

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