J'ai surpris mon ex en train d'essayer de bloquer ma sonnette Ring pour qu'il puisse faire sortir une femme en douce

SICK of always missing the postman? Or maybe you just don’t feel comfortable answering the door to someone you don’t know.

Dans les deux cas, these are just two of the very valid reasons people install a video doorbell outside their homesbut they also come in handy if you’re worried about what your partner might be up to when you’re not there.

The bloke thought he'd got away with sneaking the woman out - but viewers pointed out the passenger door was open

The bloke thought he’d got away with sneaking the woman outbut viewers pointed out the passenger door was openCrédit: TIC Tac
He tried to cover the camera with his body

He tried to cover the camera with his bodyCrédit: @danirey110/Tiktok

One person who knows a little something about this is TIC Tac user Dani.

Plus tôt cette semaine, the mum claimed she caught herbaby daddysneaking another woman out of her home.

La vidéo virale – which has racked up more than 432,000 vues – opens with Dani’s ex leaving the house with his back to the camera.

Despite his best efforts to completely cover the shot, the bloke still left enough space for Dani to catch a glimpse of his other woman sneaking out the door.


Once the other woman has disappeared out of view, he then turned around and locked the door behind him and following her to the car.

Clearly not thinking through his plan entirely, the bloke had parked his car on the family’s front drive and Dani could see the passenger door was wide open from where the woman had got in.

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toutefois, Dani only thought to check her Ring camera footage when she found a condom wrapper in her house.

And she was so fuming about his cheating that she decided to post the clips on TikTok.

Elle a écrit: “When ya baby daddy sneak someone in ya house and tries to hide it.

Thank god for Ring!”

Elle a ensuite sous-titré le clip: “Hope it was worth it…”

Il va sans dire, viewers were left stunned by the cheek of Dani’s ex.

L'un a répondu: “She took her sweet time closing the door on purpose.

Un autre ajouté: “She wanted to be seen though.

He knows you have a Ring camera and still brought her to your house,” a third wrote. “He don’t give a f*** about nothing!”

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