I dated Maddie suspect when she vanishedhe’s obsessed with little girls

CHRISTIAN B’s ex-girlfriend has claimed he isobsessed with little girls”.

Nicole Fehlinger, who dated the prime suspect in the disappearance of Madeline McCann in 2007 – the year she disappearedclaims he told her he is attracted to their childlike bodies.

Christian B's ex claims he had a sick 'obsession' with 'little girls'

Christian B’s ex claims he had a sick ‘obsessionwith ‘little girlsKrediet: Die besope vrou het beweer sy weet nie hoe die man gesterf het nie

Praat met die Mail on Sunday, 44-year-old Ms Fehlinger admitted she had been dating the suspect at the time Maddie, drie, vanished from the Algarve resort of Praia da Luz.

Ms Fehlinger, who is a German national but moved to Portugal in 2001, gesê Christian B, 44, was “nice and polite”.

She told how she met him in 2006 at a friend’s Christmas party.

Sy het gese: “He was nice and polite, but then our friendship became something more.

The 44-year-old ran a care service from her home helping to rehabilitate troubled German teens, where Christian B would visit her often, sy het gese.

But she claimed his polite demeaner hid sick desires for pre-pubescent girls and violent sex fantasies.

Ms Fehlinger said: “He said he liked small bodies of women and he liked the bodies of girls before they reached puberty.

She also insisted that she was the man’s “minnaar, not his accomplice”.

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And she said she can remember her ex calling to tell her he was driving over to her house from the town of Tomas, 200 miles from the Algarve, on the night Maddie vanishedbut does not recall if he stayed over, or arrived.

Egter, she said that he could have pulled up outside her house and slept in his Winnebago campervan.

And she said the suspect did discuss Maddie’s disappearancewondering aloud if she had been taken by theunderworldand if cops would ever find her.

But Ms Fehlinger insists his behaviour did not strange and there was nothing suspicious, alhoewel “he is a person who was good at hiding his feelings”.

The couple stopped seeing each other towards the end of 2007, and she hasn’t seen him since 2011, sy het gese.

Dit kom daarna Christian B’s online chat history revealed twisted paedophile fantasies.

The convicted rapist and paedophile allegedly discussed kidnapping and sexually abusing a child in a chatroom exchange in September 2013.

Cops became aware of the online chats after his then girlfriend reported him for an attack in 2015 and his home was searched.

Officers discovered a video camera with a memory card loaded with horrific images of child pornography.

When another of his properties was searched police found more memory sticks under the body of his dog.

Meer as 8,000 images and videos have been evaluated by investigators with most said to contain pictures or footage of abused infants, children or young people.

Rondom 100 files have been connected to Christian B and came across the chat logs while they were assessing the files.

He is currently serving a seven-year jail sentence for the rape of an American pensioner.

Christian B denies any involvement in Madeleine McCann’s disappearance.

Maddie disappeared in 2007, while Nicole Fehlinger and Christian B were seeing eachother

Maddie disappeared in 2007, while Nicole Fehlinger and Christian B were seeing eachotherKrediet: PA