Descubrí que era la 'otra mujer' de mi hombre después de un año, Le conté todo a su esposa.

A WOMAN has revealed how she discovered that she was the ‘other woman’ in a relationshipand wrote to her partner’s wife to tell her.

Usuario de TikTok Anyce filmed herself sending the emotional message to the woman after finding out that her boyfriend of a year had been married the whole time.

Anyce discovered that the man she had been dating for a year was married

Anyce discovered that the man she had been dating for a year was marriedCrédito: Tiktok/@anyceg
She made the difficult decision to tell his wife everything

She made the difficult decision to tell his wife everythingCrédito: Tiktok/@anyceg

Hablando en el video, ella dijo: “This is the hardest message that I’ve ever had to write.”

Reading out the message she wrote, Anyce continued: “Lady, you deserve to know that I was in a relationship with your husband in 2020. I met him on Tinder in April 2020, we met in person shortly after and he told me upfront that you’d been separated for three years.

“I found out he was lying when I decided to make a phone call and I found out he’d been lying all along.

“I was devastated and it really affected me for a long time, I really believed everything he told me and I thought we were in love and we would have a future together.”

Describing herself as ‘disgusted’, Anyce continues: “I have no idea what your situation really is but what he did to me I can only assume he did to you, woman to woman I never wanted you to be hurt.”

She finishes her message by explaining that she is not bitter before wishing the woman ‘all the best.’

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The video has since received over 133,000 views and hundreds of comments from fellow women applauding her bravery.

Anyce later shared a follow up video where she revealed that she had spoken to the wife on the phone.

Ella dijo: “She was gracious and she was grateful to me but she did wish that she’d known sooner.

“I shouldn’t have waited a year to get the courage to tell her that’s my biggest regret.

“If you know someone who is cheating, speak up.”

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