Mi sono ubriacato così tanto che mi sono dimenticato di aver comprato una CASA – non me ne pento

A WOMAN has shared how got so drunk during a night out that she forgot she bought a house.

Mum Luana Riberia, 40, from Anglesey, North Wales said her boyfriend was furious with the impulsive purchase but claims it’s the best thing she’s ever done.

Luana got so drunk she couldn't remember she had bought a house

Luana got so drunk she couldn’t remember she had bought a houseCredito: Instagram/@LuanaRibeira
Her boyfriend remind her the next morning she had won the auction

Her boyfriend remind her the next morning she had won the auctionCredito: Facebook/ Luana Ribeira

Luana, who runs a PR firm had no recollection of bidding £20,000 on a house at auction.

She was reminded by her boyfriend the following morning who told her she had actually won the property in Leeds.

Luana told the Daily Star: “I went to see a house with a friend as it was on auction, but my friend didn’t want it as it was in a rough area. I liked the property and thought it could be really lovely and a good investment.

"Così, I went to the nightclub where I worked, stayed afterwards and got very drunk.

I don’t actually have any recollection of doing this, but apparently I got home the next morning, called the estate agent, put a bid in and got the house.

“I woke up hungover and my boyfriend at the time was very annoyed, and was giving me the silent treatment.”

The mum claims she doesn’t much from the eventful night but said “one drink turned to two” and “the rest is a blur.”

Even though her rash decision left her partner furious, the purchase turned out to be a good investment.

Luana kept the house for a year, doubled her profit and was able to buy another property.

Her second buy turned into a £20,000 profit so she bought a third property from which she made another £20,000.

The profits allowed her to move to Portugal and set up her own media company.

Luan previously shared how she slept with her husband’s best friend and they all live together with their kids.

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La coppia, who share daughters Seren, 12, and Electra, 11, split amicably in 2016, but continued living in the same house for a further six months while they navigated their new normal.

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She previously told how she lives with her ex-husband, boyfriend and their kids

She previously told how she lives with her ex-husband, boyfriend and their kidsCredito: Jam Press