j'ai grandi pauvre & c'est pourquoi les parents NE DEVRAIENT PAS offrir de cadeaux massifs du Père Noël

NOTHING beats our kidsfaces as they tear into their presents on Christmas morning.

But we all know what kids are likeand the second they go back to school in January, they’ll be comparing the number of new toys they received.

The mum went viral when she admitted she never felt 'good enough' as a child when she didn't receive the toy she desperately wanted

The mum went viral when she admitted she never felt ‘good enoughas a child when she didn’t receive the toy she desperately wantedCrédit: Getty

And that’s where things can get a bit muddled for themas author Kelly Coon knows all too well.

Plus tôt ce mois-ci, the mum-of-three went viral when she confessed she never thought she wasgood enoughto get lots and lots of gifts from Father Noël.

elle a tweeté: “If you grew up poor, you knew that Santa favoured the rich kids.

Speaking from experience, Kelly said she blamed herself for not receiving the expensive present she desperately wanted.


Every year I chastised myself for not being good enough to get the roller skates [I wanted],” elle a ajouté.

But it doesn’t have to be this way – plutôt, Kelly urged parents to tell their kids what presents are from Santa and which ones they’d bought.

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Elle a ajouté: “I beg of you parents, make the big gifts from you.

Their poor classmates are listening.

Kelly’s tweet has racked up almost 17,000 “aime” sur Twitter and resonated with other users.

L'un a répondu: “I too grew up very poor. I never had a story to tell about what I got for Christmas when I went back to school. Sometimes I would hear about what other kids were saying they got and lie and say I got it too.

Un autre ajouté: “We’ve ALWAYS done presents from friends & family under the tree and Santa brings small gifts in a stocking on Christmas Eve. My colleague said she’s never had that issue growing up or with her kids & I’m like you’re wealthy & live in a wealthy areayou won’t.

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