Ho ignorato il consiglio di dormire sulla schiena dopo aver fatto il piercing ai capezzoli... GRANDE errore

IN RECENT years we’ve seen many stars proving it’s not what they are wearingbut what lies under their clothes that steals the show.

From Love Island’s Maura Higgins to Perrie Edwards, numerous stars have been bringing back the 90s’ raunchy trend of nipple piercing.


NINTCHDBPICT000706517517Credito: Tiktok/@lallyllama

But if you are thinking of getting your nipples pierced, we have a warning for you.

A 21-year-old woman that goes by the TikTok handle of ‘lallyllama’ revealed what happened when she ignored advice from her piercer to sleep on her back after getting her nipples pierced.

And it’s safe to say it was not pretty.

So if you are thinking of getting your nipples pierced, listrn up.

But if the thought of blood sends shivers down your spine, you’d better look away now.

In the video we see the woman the next morning after sleeping on her front.

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She uploaded the video with the caption ‘TW: blood’.

Lei disse: “When I refused to sleep on my back after getting my nipples pierced so I woke up in a blood bath.”

In the video we see the woman lift up her top and we see her bra that was once a light pink colour, is covered in blood.

The woman explained: “I sleep on my side/front so I literally slept on the piercing.

“I was so shocked with how much blood there was.

“This was after 13 giorni, be careful.”


NINTCHDBPICT000706517513Credito: Tiktok/@lallyllama

The video has clearly shocked many as it has quickly racked up 1.8million views, 155.7k likes, 1,413 comments and 2,476 azioni.

Many TikTok users were horrified by what they saw and were put off ever getting their nipples pierced.

Una persona ha detto: “Taking this as my sign to never get them done.”

Un altro ha aggiunto: “OH GOD.”

rimase inespressivo e sedeva a gambe incrociate in mezzo al trambusto: “Officially put off now.”

Un altro ha detto: “Ok no thanks now.”

Many TikTok users also took to the comments to share similar experiences.

Un utente ha commentato: “Mine did that too haha I was low-key scared and it never happened again.”

Un altro ha detto: “Same things happened to me but less blood lol.”

Un terzo aggiunto: “It only bled a little for me.”


Mauve Montreal Piercing disse: “We recommend that people do not sleep on any piercings while they are healing as this could cause stress on the piercing and lead to migration or rejection.

“tuttavia, we do have clients that successfully heal nipple piercings who are stomach sleepers.

Your piercer will assess your anatomy and discuss this with you at the time of your appointment.


NINTCHDBPICT000706517715Credito: Tiktok/@lallyllama

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