I made £32,000 selling my eggsI bought a car, paid off loans and travelled

A WOMAN has revealed how she made £32,000 selling her eggs, and was able to buy a car, pay off loans and travel with the cash.

TikTok user @domochichi_chi revealed she had donated five times so women struggling to have kids of their own could become mothers.

A US-based woman has revealed how egg donation has been very lucrative for her

A US-based woman has revealed how egg donation has been very lucrative for herCrédit: domochichi_chi/Tik Tok
She revealed the money has helped to improve her life

She revealed the money has helped to improve her lifeCrédit: domochichi_chi/Tik Tok

The woman shared how she has donated her eggs five times, and knows she will have no parental claim over any future children born from them.

Elle a ajouté: “Just gonna say to this whole comment section.

“I am not these children mom. I will never be there mom.

“I have sign contracts stating that.”

Many people praised her for donating, avec un dicton: “Thanks to a woman like you I have my rainbow baby after 10 years and 5 pertes. Thank you angel!"

Another person seemed tempted to do it too, and joked: “Suddenly I’m a hen.”

The woman is based in the US where rules regarding egg donation are slightly different to the UK.

Au Royaume-Uni, egg donors can be compensated up to £750 for each donation to cover things like hotel stays, childminders, or travel costs, but you don’t get paid.

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The Donor Solution, a family planning and egg donation clinic in Texas, said US women can be rewarded between $4,000 (£2,978) et $10,000 (£7,445) for an egg extraction procedure.

toutefois, Darlene Pinkerton, the CEO of A Perfect Match, a company that matches donors with hopeful parents, Raconté Wired that women can make upward of $50,000 (£37,226) for a round of egg donation.

She added that non-American couples often pay higher prices to buy donated eggs due to stricter regulations in other countries.

As noted by eggdonor.com, the first successful birth from a donated egg in the US occurred in 1984, and the industry has since grown rapidly.

While it seems that egg donation is a growing – and certainly lucrative – industry, it’s much more complicated than donating blood, par exemple.

Première, for the egg donation company Perfect Match, donors need to meet an intense medical history check, according to Wired.

“Potential donors must also submit to genetic testing; a psychological screening, the results of which they can’t see; a medical screening; and to an ultrasound, vaginal culture, and STD screening,” the website noted.

“A drug, nicotine and alcohol screening is required as well.”

Once the background checks are done, patients then take medication to control their menstrual cycle and inject themselves with “up to four drugs multiple times a day to coerce their ovaries into producing dozens of eggs.”

Cette, bien sûr, can take a huge toll on one’s body.

And while short-term effects such as nausea, weight gain, mood swings, and more can occur, long-term effects are lesser-known.

Boston University’s Public Health Post noted that some long-term side effects may include “aggressive” breast and colon cancer and fertility issues – but none of this can be confirmed due to the lack of scientific research on the matter.

Donc, while egg donation may put some much-needed change in your pocket, it’s important to discuss potential health risks with professionals.

Bien sûr, the ultimate decision is up to each individual woman.

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