Quase morri quando o motor do meu avião falhou & Eu tenho perda auditiva permanente

A WOMAN who suffered permanent hearing loss when the plane she was on nearly crashed has spoken about the terrifying incident for the first time.

Cassie took to TikTok to open up about her experiences on South West Flight 1380, em abril 2018, as she and her husband flew home from a trip to New York City.

Cassie shared her terrifying story from the plane that nearly crashed for the first time on TikTok

Cassie shared her terrifying story from the plane that nearly crashed for the first time on TikTokCrédito: tiktok @cassiebfitness
The engine on the plane that malfunctioned

The engine on the plane that malfunctionedCrédito: Folheto – Getty

Sharing a snap she’d taken from her window of Manhattan as the plane took off, Cassie explained: “Shortly after taking that picture I was tired, so I put my head on my husband’s shoulder and I tried to fall asleep.

About 30 minutes later I was woken by the plane dipping very dramatically, falling to the left. Everybody was screaming and it was very loud.

I look over my left shoulder to see my husband screaming and behind him I look out the window and I see the engine, and it looks like thisI took this picture.

The picture Cassie took shows the engine in pieces, as she explained thatone of the fan blades broke loose and destroyed the engine”, as well as breaking a window on the plane in the process.

Within five or 10 segundos, all of the oxygen masks fell and it felt like the air was getting sucked out of my lung,” ela explicou.

It was so loud. After putting my oxygen masks on and helping with my husband’s, we realised there was so much wind going on.

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We turn around and two rows behind us we see a window was broken and unfortunately a woman was being partially sucked out of the window, all at 30,000 ft.

While twovery strong gentlemengot up to try and help the woman, and managed to pull her back into the plane, she passed away later.

It was about 20 minutes up in the air before we were able to land,” Cassie continued.

The pilots were able to do an emergency landing at Philadelphia airport, and during that 20 minutes I legitimately thought I was going to die.

My husband was connecting to the Wifi and we were messaging his brother and my dad, pretty much telling them goodbye.

Cassie shared a snap from her window, which showed the engine as she saw it

Cassie shared a snap from her window, which showed the engine as she saw itCrédito: tiktok @cassiebfitness

Everybody was screaming and crying and I didn’t know if I was going to make it.

The pilots managed to do an emergency landing in Philadelphia, and it was when the plane landed that Cassie startedbawlingher eyes out.

I didn’t cry that whole time up until we landed,” ela continuou.

There was a mixture of crying and clapping and cheers and I think the cheers and the clapping came from people who didn’t sit by the window and didn’t know fully what had happened.

And it wasn’t until the plane safely landed that Cassie realised there was something wrong with her ears.

The plane came to a complete stop and I couldn’t hear anything,” ela adicionou.

And I turned to my husband, pointed at my ears and said, ‘Can you hear?’

And I’ll never forget the look of devastation he gave me when he said, 'Sim, I can hear just fine.’ So that’s when I knew something was really f**ked up with my ears.

As a result of the accident, Cassie has been left with permanent hearing loss and permanent pain in her ears, after her eardrums ruptured on the plane due to the change in pressure.

I try to live each day as if it’s my last, and to just love and be happy.


But she insisted that while it was theworst day of my life”, she’s done her best to continue being aglass half fullkind of person.

Although this was the worst day of my life and will forever impact me, it also reminds me that life is very short and can be taken from me at any moment,” ela concluiu.

So I try to live each day as if it’s my last and to just love and be happy.

Em outro video, Cassie revealed that she has flown again since, but will never sit on the left side of an aeroplane again.

Em vez de, she always requests to sit on the right, and as far back as she can.

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