I ordered McDonald’s only to find my cheeseburger ‘had a BITE taken out of it

A DISGUSTED mum claims she was forced to throw away her McDonald’s meal after her cheeseburger arrived with a bite taken out of it.

Natalie Oxford ordered dinner for herself and 16-year-old child Felix via Just Eat but was horrified when she discoveredteeth marksin the meat and bun.

A mum claims her McDonald's cheeseburger arrived with a bite taken out of it

A mum claims her McDonald’s cheeseburger arrived with a bite taken out of it信用: 肯尼迪新闻
Natalie Oxford immediately threw the burger in the bin after making the 'disgusting' discovery

Natalie Oxford immediately threw the burger in the bin after making the ‘disgusting’ 发现信用: 肯尼迪新闻

The 39-year-old says the food arrived in a sealed bag and she was ready to tuck in when she noticed a chunk missing.

She immediately complained to the fast food giant, but McDonald’s denied the burger had beentampered withand Just Eat said it was investigating.

The stay-at-home mum, from Chelsea, 西伦敦, 说: “When I opened the box and saw the bite missing I was shocked and disgusted.

I showed my teen and they were disgusted too. Who takes a bite of someone’s burger?

I think Mcdonald’s staff did it as the bag was sealed but I don’t know, hopefully Just Eat can work out exactly who did it.

I don’t know why they did it, they probably thought they were being funny.

My kid said to cut the bite part off and eat the other half but I threw the burger away.

Luckily I’d ordered other stuff from McDonald’s so I was still able to eat something.


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The family’s order, totalling £14.97, consisted of two cheeseburgers, a double quarter-pounder burger, three portions of fries, an apple pie and a sugar donut.

She ordered on January 19 through Just Eat, which collected the meal from the Kings Road branch.

Horrified Natalie snapped a photo of the cheeseburger and tweeted about the bizarre incident, to which Just Eat replied: “Not happy to see thisbefore agreeing to look into the matter.

A spokesperson then agreed to issue her a full refund, as well as a £10 credit noteas a gesture of goodwill for the trouble caused”.

They also stated that they had contacted McDonald’s to raise the issue and encouraged her to report it to the Food Standards Agency.

Despite the ordeal, Natalie hasnot been put offfrom ordering again.


A McDonald’s spokesperson said: “We place great emphasis on quality control and follow rigorous standards in order to avoid any imperfections in our food.

Having reviewed the restaurant CCTV we are confident that the burger was not tampered with before it left the restaurant.

We understand that the customer has already been in touch with the Just Eat customer services team and been refunded for any inconvenience.

A spokesperson for Just Eat said: “At Just Eat, we always want our customers to have a positive experience when ordering their food online.

Whenever a customer is dissatisfied with their order, we will always take steps to address this.

We are sorry to hear that in this case the customer’s experience fell below the high standards we hope to deliver.

We can confirm we have already processed a full refund for the customer and are investigating what happened with this order.

Natalie and Felix ordered almost £15 worth of food

Natalie and Felix ordered almost £15 worth of food信用: 肯尼迪新闻
The mum said: 'Who takes a bite out of someone's burger?'

The mum said: ‘Who takes a bite out of someone’s burger?’信用: 肯尼迪新闻

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