I paid £200 for a luxury dinnerwhat I was served looked like VOMIT

A DINER was left horrified after forking out £200 for a luxury dinner only to be served a “恶心的” meal.

The woman was handed the disappointing dish during a business awards event in Sydney, 澳大利亚.

The meal the woman was served after forking out £200 for the luxury dinner

The meal the woman was served after forking out £200 for the luxury dinner信用: Facebook

The meal appeared to made up of a half a cauliflower, a couple of stalks of overcooked broccoli, a scattering of peas and a red sauce.

The diner, who is gluten and lactose free, sparked a furious response after posting an image of the meal in a Facebook group.

One person told her she should havesent it back”, while another said itlooked disgusting”.

As a person with specific dietary requirements, people were livid over what she was served, 澳洲新闻网 报告.

“That’s awful,” one said.

“At our last work do two of us had to share half a cauliflower for our main, it was unbelievable!”

另一个写道: “I’d be livid… I hate when they think this is a balanced, main meal, 喜欢 90 per cent of the world aren’t eating meat for dinner.

A third fumed: “The catering industry does not care.

A couple of years ago I blundered onto a couple of copies of a hospitality industry industry magazines which contained a discussion about people with dietary needs such as GF (gluten free).

“They were effectively seen as a distraction not really with thinking about.

“The reality is that it is discrimination based on a disease for celiac people. It should be made illegal.

Yesterday my wife’s GF meal at (another hotel) was a fiasco.”

Others said the meal waswoeful”.

一说: “Who wants to eat a head of cauliflower as a meal?

Regardless of if you like cauliflower or not this is not enjoyable.

它是在一个 plane passenger was left fuming after being served thesoggiest, saddest, greyest-looking mushduring her flight.

The food menu featured a photo of a delicious-looking lasagne with melted cheese and seasoned vegetables.

But the woman couldn’t believe her eyes when she was handed the dish and it looked nothing like what was advertised.

She instantly sent the meal back and asked for it to be heated up properly but was then given a completely new lasagnewhich was just as unappetising.

Although slightly more beige in colour, the lasagne looked nothing like the ones in the picture.