I quit work at 23- my man, 57, says I’m too pretty & gives me presents all year

CHRISTMAS is the time of year where it’s socially acceptable to give our loved ones a list of all the clothes, handbags and makeup we’ve been lusting over all year.

But for 23-year-old Alyssa Renee Gutierrez, the festive season is just like any other time of year.

Alyssa and her fiance Peter have a whopping 34 年龄差距

Alyssa and her fiance Peter have a whopping 34 年龄差距信用: TikTok / @lyssag36
Alyssa said her fiance says she's 'too pretty' to work

Alyssa said her fiance says she’s ‘too prettyto work信用: TikTok / @lyssag36
The couple got engaged on a romantic trip to Mexico this summer

The couple got engaged on a romantic trip to Mexico this summer信用: TikTok / @lyssag36

In a viral TikTok视频 that’s racked up over 53,000 意见, the bride-to-bewho got engaged to her 57-year-old fiance in Julysaid that everyday is like 圣诞节 为了她.

Posing in a pair of sunglasses from the inside of her car, Alyssa said: “Hot girls don’t have to ask for gifts for Christmas because

Hot girls get Christmas year-round.

Alyssa, from Las Vegas, has been with her husband-to-be Peter – 谁是 34 years and her senior and a professional sports gamblerfor three years.

The couple had their first date just three days before her twentieth birthday and Alyssa is mere months older than Peter’s daughter.

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她以前说过: “Peter had just got out of a 15-year marriage in which he had two childrenone of his daughter’s is only three months younger than me and we are such good friends!

I’ve always been attracted to older men my whole lifepeople think I only like men who are older than my father which isn’t true because when I was 18, I had multiple relationships with people ageing from their 20s to their 40s.


My nail design is so bad people think it was done by a six-year-old


My nail design is so bad people think it was done by a six-year-old

‘When I was dating men my age, they were more worried about hooking up with me and playing games and they would never commit.

Shortly after announcing her engagement, Alyssa revealed that she’d quit her job as a hairdresser.

In a separate video, Alyssa said: “My fiance [告诉] me not to worry about working because I’m too pretty for that.

然而, the social media star insists that it’s only a temporary arrangement.

她补充说: “Before anyone gets it twisted I’ve taken a couple years off work because we are constantly travelling.

I’m planning on starting my own business.

Alyssa has racked up over 178,000 followers on TikTok for sharing snippets of her lavish lifestyleand in March, one particular video rubbed viewers up the wrong way.

I was having a bad period so Daddy told me to go treat myself,” Alyssa explained as she shared footage of her cat seat covered in Gucci shopping bags.

Alyssa has racked up 170k followers on TikTok

Alyssa has racked up 170k followers on TikTok信用: TikTok / @lyssag36
She hit back at followers who criticised her for spending Peter's money

She hit back at followers who criticised her for spending Peter’s money信用: TikTok / @lyssag36
Alyssa's parents approve of her relationship

Alyssa’s parents approve of her relationship信用: 参考标题

In response to the trolls, Alyssa wrote: “You’re going to comment hate on this video please be my guest.

My man treats me like royalty while all you haters are being treated like a regular. Byeee!”

Despite their huge age gap, Alyssa says her parents approve of her relationship.

她补充说: “We kept our relationship very low profile for about a year until we felt ready to sharemy parents were very supportive of the relationship which I’m grateful for.

‘I lost some friendships and my best friend at the time because of it but I’ve gained so many more who accept and love us together.

There is constant judgement surrounding age gap relationships but as time progresses, it’s becoming more common.

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