I ride my mobility scooter on the road as a pick-up keeps blocking the pavement

A MOBILITY scooter user has asked people online what they can do about a pick-up truck’s terrible parking.

They uploaded a picture showing a white VW Amarok parked on grass blocking a pavement.

This badly parked pick-up blocked a mobility scooter user who had to ride on the road

This badly parked pick-up blocked a mobility scooter user who had to ride on the roadالإئتمان: رديت – SAMTHEKITNIX

Along with the picture is the caption; ‘Sure park on the thing I need to ride my mobility scooter on.

Further down the post, the Reddit user Samthekitnix explains the problem further.

They say: ‘I am completely and utterly against harassing anyone…. but I keep seeing employees of companies doing this.

‘Most of the time they completely ignore parking spaces that are pretty close if not right in front of where they want to do their work.

‘It causes people like me that need to use a mobility scooter to ride in the road.

‘Whilst I do drive a class 3 which are allowed on the road I do not feel safe on the road due to how people in my area drive.

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‘There’s also the massive issue with lycra w****rs that think they are doing the Tour de France.

The white Volkswagen Amarok has clearly been abandoned across the pavement with company branding down its sides.

People in the comments had suggestions for what the Reddit user could do.

واحد: “I like to leave Google reviews, with pictures, for companies who’s employees park like this..

قال آخر: “Got to love people who do this in their marked business vehicle, basically advertising that their business is as sh***y as they are.

قال آخر: “Yeah I totally need an Amarok for my painting and decorating business.

“انا اعني, how else apart from a pickup are you going to move several tins of paint around?