I run one of the UK’s biggest bulk stores… supermarkets can’t compete with us

A BULK buy superstore boss has revealed his strategy to offering cut-price deals that big brandsstruggle to match”.

Bargain Warehouse in Folkstone, 肯特, specialises in products that are past their best-before date, giving it an edge on supermarkets that can’t do the same.

Discount warehouse owner Mike urged punters to take advantage of his 'absolutely amazing bargains'

Discount warehouse owner Mike urged punters to take advantage of his ‘absolutely amazing bargains信用: Facebook/Bargain Warehouse

And the strategy is paying off, as the warehouse says its products are flying off the shelves while stock comes inthick and fast”.

随着结束 50 pallets of out-of-date items delivered last week, the superstore clearly believes in its niche selling point.

折扣 distributor describes itself asKent’s biggest, gone-past best-before date store”, and says it offers a no-membership alternative to Costco.

The store guarantees that while items can be sold at a fraction of the retail price, everything isabsolutelysafe to eat, 报告 KentLive.

Bargain Warehouse said: “This means we are able to stock world-famous brands at prices so low, the major supermarkets struggle to match us.”

None of our products are sold past their use-by date.

“Some of our stock me be past its best-before date, but this is just a matter of quality. It simply means that the manufacturer cannot guarantee the exact same taste, texture, or colouring.”

The warehouse also pointed customers questioning its model to the Food Standards Agency guidance for clarificationwhich states that while use-by dates refer to food safety, best-before dates relate to quality.

In a video posted on Facebook, store owner Mike urged punters to “get down fast” for some “absolutely amazing bargains”.

Just in time for 圣诞节, Mike has stocked up his shelves with festive family snacks including cheap chocolate and crisps.

他加了: “As you can see the stock comes in thick and fast and we’ve got another delivery Friday. This stuff you will not want to miss out on, so you need to get down fast.