Economizei £ 1.500 nas minhas férias na Flórida – demorou menos de um minuto

A TOURIST has revealed how they saved £1,500 on their holiday in Florida, by using a simple trick online.

Prices for everything have gone up in recent years and everyone is searching for ways to save a few pounds everywhere they can.

Using a VPN can cut costs on your holidays by letting you browse as if you're in a different country

Using a VPN can cut costs on your holidays by letting you browse as if you’re in a different countryCrédito: Getty

Então, the chance to save half of a £3,000 purchase is definitely something worth taking, especially if it only takes a couple of extra clicks while browsing the internet.

That’s exactly what this holidaymaker did, cutting their car rental fees in half, de using a VPN.

VPN stands for virtual private network and allows people to browse online as if they’re in a different country, as where you’re shopping can make a big difference to how much you’re charged.

No an article for the Manchester Evening News, eles disseram: “When we started looking for how much it would cost to rent a car for two weeks na Flórida, we were horrified to be quoted over £3,000.

My mum-in-law found a deal for exactly what we wanted for £1,449. She sent us the name of the car hire company and we went online to book it. Except when we put in the same dates and type of car into the site we got a price of £3,248.

We realised that the only difference was her price was being given in dollars, we accessed the site using a VPNand suddenly we too were being offered exactly the same car for, once you converted the price into pounds, less than half the price.

The tourist isn’t the only one to have recommended using a VPN to cut costs when searching for holidays, with flight fees also sometimes reduced by browsing as if you were abroad.

Um Tiktok user Yan, or kingcredit, has shown how he uses VPNs to save money when booking flights online.

He shared his methods in a video to help other people learn from his example.

Another online tip Yan recommends to keep prices down is to use incognito mode when booking flights.

He said that airlinesauto-increasetheir prices if they see you repeatedly searching for tickets to the same destination.

Portanto, by using incognito mode, a airline’s websites will not be able to store any of your information and react to your search.

Existem Ele cai no dia seguinte ao Dia de Ação de Graças available on VPNs as well this year, including ExpressVPN, NordVPN and Surfshark.

enquanto isso, the date and time that you both fly and book flights can affect how much you end up paying as well.

And this consumer expert explained how he economiza dinheiro whenever he books holidays.

VPNs and incognito mode are among ways travellers save money on holidays online

VPNs and incognito mode are among ways travellers save money on holidays onlineCrédito: Getty