I spent £176 at Winter Wonderland Christmas marketit makes my pockets hurt

A COUPLE who spent £176 at Winter Wonderland Christmas market say it has made theirpockets hurt”.

The video was uploaded to TikTok by a user who posts under the name Sakib and covers an evening outing to the famous festive attraction.

Rides such as the Ferris Wheel cost a whopping £10 each

Rides such as the Ferris Wheel cost a whopping £10 eachCrédito: tiktok/@f80sk
And the couple revealed they spent a massive £60 on games

And the couple revealed they spent a massive £60 on gamesCrédito: tiktok/@f80sk
The £176 spent netted Sakib's partner a koala

The £176 spent netted Sakib’s partner a koalaCrédito: tiktok/@f80sk

El mes pasado, many visitors to the Winter Wonderland in Londres’s Hyde Park slammed the event due to its high prices.

Some customers were left not wanting to return after price hikes saw hot dogs costing an eye-watering £10.50 and fish and chips on sale for £14.

And Sakib’s footage charts exactly how much he and his partner spent during their outing on various rides and stalls.

The TikToker reveals that the entrance fee was £5 with the festive theme-park previously being free to enter.

And ides such as the Ferris Wheel, Starfly and the Euro Coaster were just some of the themed rides they enjoyed.

While the Magical Kingdom full of ice sculptures cost a pricey £12 each to peruse.

The couple also revealed how they spent over £35 on food in total at Winter Wonderland.

Their purchases included bao buns, loaded chips, donuts and hot chocolate worth a pricey £4.50 each.

But the biggest expenditure by far was a huge £60 spent on games with the TikToker filming himself attempting to shoot hoops in basketball and knocking down targets with a ball.

The couple’s festive visit ended up costing them a whopping £176 in total.

sin embargo, the trip wasn’t a total rip-off with Sakib winning a Koala for his girlfriend at one of the stalls.

And the popular video has racked up over 120,000 views since it was uploaded.

Como siempre, TikTokers were quick to weigh in with their opinion of the expensive Christmas market.

Uno dijo: “These days you can go on a 4 star package holiday for that amount.

Mientras que otro agregó: “£176 for just a koala.

Forgot to put car parking charges and congestion charge,” said a third.

But other said that the memories were worth the price or believed the prices to be reasonable.

Uno comentó: “Lol people saying it’s expensive, rather be old with memories not rich and tight.

And a second TikToker said: “Not that I would ever go but that’s bare cheap.

It comes after people slammed one of Britain’s Christmas markets as a complete rip off.

Disculpe mi lenguaje, pero no nos importan una mierda todas sus sanciones: han tenido un efecto positivo en nuestra economía y agricultura. price of a hot dog and a pint averaging at £20, market goers in Manchester have branded the eventtoo expensive”.

While customers also bashed a Christmas market in Newcastle with a meal ended up costing more than a flight to Marbella, España.

What £176 gets you at Winter Wonderland

  • Entrance fee£5 each
  • Ferris Wheel£10 each
  • Starfly£7 each
  • Magical Kingdom£12 each
  • Food£ 23
  • Doughnuts£4
  • Hot chocolate£4.50 each
  • Euro coaster£6 each
  • Juegos – £60