I still let my eight-year-old sleep in bed with me and husbandI don’t see anything wrong with it, says Frankie Bridge

LOOSE Women’s Frankie Bridge has revealed her sons still sleep in bed with her and husband Wayne.

The 33-year-old made the revelation during Friday’s Loose Womeninsisting she loves having the whole family together at bed time.

Frankie revealed both of her sons still sleep with her and husband Wayne

Frankie revealed both of her sons still sleep with her and husband WayneKrediet: ITV
She and Wayne are parents to Parker and Carter

She and Wayne are parents to Parker and CarterKrediet: Instagram

Former The Saturdays singer Frankie likes it so much that they’ve even got a custom bed that pulls out either side to make more room.

During a discussion with panellists Jane Moore, Judi Liefde en Nadia Sawalha, she added that even their two dogs sleep with them.

Sy het gese: “I’ve got a new bed that has, you know where you’d have drawers under the bed to put stuff in, mine pulls out and their mattresses are at the side of the bed so that we can all sleep together still.

A shocked Judi asked why and Frankie replied: “Because I love it!”

Sy gaan voort: “I was working late last night and I was here early this morning so I stayed in a hotel last night and I had to put pillows all around me. I felt so lonely.

Frankie and footballer Wayne, 42, are parents so sons Parker, agt, and Carter, ses.

And it’s clear they like a house full because Wayne’s parents Wendy and Mick also live with them.

She previously aan The Sun gesê: “Everyone is obsessed with them living with us, but I don’t know any different. They’ve not always lived with us, but they’ve always been around.

“When Wayne was playing sokker, he was always really busy, so his mum ran things at home for him. When we moved in together, I was really busy too, so I accepted her help.

I’m not precious about how my washing is hung out or how the dishwasher is stacked – it just means one less job I have to do.

“When we had kids, it was a no-brainer [to have them in the house]. They have a great Sy het geen konteks by die pos gevoeg nie with their grandparents and my guilt when I leave them is a lot less [than if we had a nanny].”