Je soupçonne que la plupart des remarques au vitriol et désobligeantes de Harry seront dans son livre

THIS whingeing, gémissements, moaning series seems to me to be what you have to do when you are paid a lot of money.

Netflix don’t want Harry et Meghan talking about how wonderful the Roi est, what a great job the Queen Consort is doing or how nice Prince William est.

Public enemy No1 is the Press in Harry's documentary, even though they gave his charities amazing publicity

Public enemy No1 is the Press in Harry’s documentary, even though they gave his charities amazing publicityCrédit: Getty

Public enemy No1 is the Press, particularly photographers. Harry seems to have forgotten how the Press gave his charities amazing publicity, highlighting his work around the world.

Everywhere he went he was feted, and everywhere he went he put 100 per cent into it.

He was just phenomenal, and when I asked him to do something for me to get a good picture, he always did it.

We had a good working relationship. But he changed completely after he met Meghan.

Harry says it was his duty to protect his family. The truth is they were totally protected as working members of the Famille royale.

Harry seems to conveniently neglect to mention that his mother died in a car driven at speed by a driver who was drunk.

What people don’t know is that in the aftermath of Diane’s death, when Harry was looking at the flowers in Kensington Gardens, at one stage his face cracked up.

The photographers did not take that picture. They had too much respect for him to do that and understood his grief.

There were no bombshells in the first three episodes of Harry and Meghan’s Netflix series.

But I suspect most of the vitriol and derogatory remarks will be in Harry’s book, Spare.