Ho testato piroscafi portatili da negozi come Argos – Non userò mai più un ferro da stiro

IF you’re still using a traditional iron to get creases out of your clothes, you may want to reconsider a steamer instead.

The best should leave dresses and shirts crease free in minutes, and there’s no need for an ironing tavola.

Lynsey Hope has tested steamers by major brands and retailers

Lynsey Hope has tested steamers by major brands and retailersCredito: Steve Bell

Handheld steamers are the most affordable and as they are compact, they are easy to store too.

They are usually cheaper to buy than an iron too.

They are great for other chores too.

Due to the high temperature of the steam, these gadgets will typically kill 99 per cent of bacteria in just 60 seconds so they’re a great way of keeping sofas, curtains and even cuddly toys germ-free.

We asked mum-of-three Lynsey Hope to test a range of best-sellers to see how they fared and reveal her favourites.

Lynsey, 41, from West Malling, Kent, disse: “After many hours getting to grips with steamers, filling water tanks and tying myself in knots, I’m happy to report I am now a convert to garment-steamers.

I’ll be using one all the time from now on.

Here she reveals her favourites.

Beldray Multi Steam Pro

  • £ 28, wilko.com
Beldray's steamer is ready to use in just 30 secondi

Beldray’s steamer is ready to use in just 30 secondiCredito: Steve Bell

Lynsey says: “Compact, lightweight and ready to use in 30 secondi, this steamer is great for travelling as well as day-to-day use.

It has two settings and a brush attachment for finer fabrics.

It quickly and easily removed creases in all fabrics, occasionally I had to do a second sweep.

The water tank is easy to fill and the trigger switch is simple to use.

Sometimes it did leave clothes a little damp.

This wasn’t unusual but you’d need to steam a while before you wanted to get dressed so your crease-free outfit has time to dry.

For the price though, this was fab.

  • EFFICIENCY: 7/10
  • VALUE: 9/10

Logik Handheld Garment Steamer

  • £ 19,99, currys.co.uk
Currys is selling Logik's steamer for just £19.99

Currys is selling Logik’s steamer for just £19.99Credito: Steve Bell

Lynsey says: “Heats up very quickly and produces a good quantity of steam which was great for removing wrinkles, especially after clothes have been folded up in a suitcase.

It doesn’t leave watermarks and overall, was better than some of the more expensive steamers.

The water tank is quite small and will need refilling quite a few times if you are doing a lot of clothes or have a big family.

On the whole though, considering this costs less than £20, I was quite impressed.

  • EFFICIENCY: 8/10
  • VALUE: 9/10

Hilife Clothes Steamer

  • £29.99, amazon.co.uk
Lynsey found Hilife's steamer didn't offer the best value

Lynsey found Hilife’s steamer didn’t offer the best valueCredito: Steve Bell

Lynsey says: “Important to note that you can’t use this one horizontally as all the water will spill out and you risk burning your hand.

I definitely preferred steamers that worked both ways.

Not bad if it’s something you want just for travelling or overnight stays.

It takes no time at all to decrease clothes and is very easy to use.

Other models were better value.

  • EFFICIENCY: 5/10
  • VALUE: 4/10

Philips Handheld Steamer 3000 serie

  • £ 39,99, philips.co.uk
Philips is selling a hand-held steamer perfect for travelling

Philips is selling a hand-held steamer perfect for travellingCredito: Steve Bell

Lynsey says: “The perfect choice if you want a steamer for travelling, this folds up very small similar to a travel hairdryer and is very lightweight.

Great when you’re in a rush too as there is no need to get out all the ironing board.

It wasn’t as effective on heavier fabrics such as denim jeans but on the whole, it did a great job.

It’s very easy to use, ready to go in just 30 seconds and makes light work of the ironing.

  • EFFICIENCY: 6/10
  • VALUE: 8/10

Philips Steam & Partire

  • £74, argos.co.uk
Philips' steam and go gadget also heated up in less than 30 secondi

Philips’ steam and go gadget also heated up in less than 30 secondiCredito: Steve Bell

Lynsey says: “This heated up in less than 30 seconds and its wide head made light work of creases on lots of fabrics.

It has powerful steam jets which get the job done efficiently without leaving your clothes damp.

It was quite cumbersome when trying to get to intricate areas and the trigger switch couldn’t be locked, so you have to hold it down while steaming.

“tuttavia, it can be used vertically and horizontally, which was useful for some areas.

It appeared to have quite a small capacity for water but it lasted quite a while before needing a refill.

There aren’t many accessories but the protective glove was useful.

At £74, it is an investment.

  • EFFICIENCY: 10/10
  • VALUE: 8/10

Tower Housewares 1,000w Garment Steamer

  • £ 34,99, towerhousewares.co.uk
Tower's steamer was heavier than others, Lynsey found

Tower’s steamer was heavier than others, Lynsey foundCredito: Steve Bell

Lynsey says: “A little heavier than others in our test but it did a pretty good job of getting rid of creases in all fabrics.

It didn’t drip as other models.

It is meant to produce 15 minutes of continuous steam but actually I found more often than not I was having to fill it sooner than that.

I was surprised it only cost £34.99.

After using it I would have guessed it cost a lot more. Great value for money.

  • EFFICIENCY: 7/10
  • VALUE: 9/10

Tefal Handheld Garment Steamer

  • £ 84, ao.com
AO.com is selling a one-in-four steamer by Tefal for £84

AO.com is selling a one-in-four steamer by Tefal for £84Credito: Steve Bell

Lynsey says: “This four in one steamer can not only decrease clothes, it sanitises them killing bacteria and can also be used to sanitize items such as soft toys.

I found this really useful as the washing machine tends to ruin them and the kids don’t like giving them up for so long.

There’s also a special brush attachment for removing dust and hairs which was great for curtains and sofas too.

This is expensive but it has multiple functions which I found really useful.

It’s not too cumbersome to store.

  • EFFICIENCY: 10/10
  • VALUE: 8/10

Swan Pro Steam

  • £ 34,99, shop.swan-brand.co.uk
Last but certainly not least, Lynsey crowned this steamer the winner

Last but certainly not least, Lynsey crowned this steamer the winnerCredito: Steve Bell

Lynsey says: “For the price, this was a real winner.

The swivelling cable and curvy design means it can easily reach every crease in your wardrobe without having to get all the clothes out.

It works both vertically and horizontally so you can use its flat plate like an iron or hold it upright to decrease and freshen up clothes.

There is also a fabric brush included which was great for jackets and curtains.

The water tank is smallonly holding around 250mlbut it was easy to detach and refill.

I thought it was a fab price for a versatile steamer.

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If this is your first time trying a steamer, this is the one to buy.

  • EFFICIENCY: 10/10
  • VALUE: 10/10
  • OVERALL SCORE: 10/10