J'ai eu honte de mon rendez-vous, alors j'ai eu la vengeance ultime – et je le referais

FOR THOSE that have ever dabbled in online dating, you will know that it can be quiet nerve-racking talking to strangers.

bien, one woman has revealed a message that a man on Tinder sent her, and it’s safe to say we are now put off dating apps.

One woman was left offended when a man on Tinder said she was 'larger than he normally goes for'

One woman was left offended when a man on Tinder said she was ‘larger than he normally goes forCrédit: Getty

The woman took to TikTok to explain what happened and revealed that she was so offended by the date’s messages that she got the ultimate revenge – et n'a aucun regret.

Yazwho goes by ‘yazminjane’ on TikTokrevealed what happened and the lengths she went to to get her just deserts.

Dans la vidéo, Yaz exposes the rude message she received, qui lisent: “Hi Yaz, bit larger than I normally go for but fancy meeting for a drink?”

The message was from a 30-year-old man called Rob and unsurprisingly, Yaz was not impressed with the offensive message.

She wanted to teach the man a lesson, so she searched for the man’s mum on Facebook and then messaged her about her son’s behaviour.

Elle a dit: “Just thought I’d share the thoughtless message your son sent meno need or room for that kind of attitude in 2022. He won’t find anyone this way.”

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The mum was appalled at the message her son had sent, but didn’t believe that he would do such a thing and suggested that he may have been hacked.

She replied: “Seems we have something odd happening! Having spoken to my son, he has no information about you on his phone and would never be so rude as to send a message like that to anyone!! Too well brought up to do that!!!

I’m pleased you sent the message to me but wonder why you didn’t message him directly? I hope you will trust that he would not do this!

I don’t really understand hacking and how it works but maybe this is what has occurred?”

Yaz shared the message that she received from the man on Tinder

Yaz shared the message that she received from the man on TinderCrédit: Tiktok/@yazminjane

toutefois, it seems that TikTok users were not impressed and didn’t fall for the ‘hacked’ defence.

Une personne a commenté: “Surely he didn’t actually think you’d message back and be alright with what he said.


Un autre a dit: “Ah the old hacking on tinder when the hackers body shame people, the classic.

Un troisième ajouté: “Why would anyone hack just to send rude tinder messages.

And this was his mum's response...

And this was his mum’s responseCrédit: Tiktok/@yazminjane

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