Eu lavo as fraldas reutilizáveis ​​do meu bebê uma vez por semana, sim, eles fedem, mas eu estou acostumado com isso

A MUM revealed that she only washes her baby’s reusable nappies once a weekshe allows them to build up in a laundry hamper, which she says ‘stinks’, before doing a once-weekly wash.

Mum Kelsey showed her followers how she manages laundry while opting for reusable nappies instead of disposable ones.

Mum Kelsey does one load of nappy laundry each week

Mum Kelsey does one load of nappy laundry each weekCrédito: @the.clarks/Tiktok
She said the laundry bag did 'stink'

She said the laundry bag did ‘stinkCrédito: @the.clarks/Tiktok

In an older video, the mum had said she washes her baby’s cloth diapers once a week, and one commenter was shocked by this routine.

Eles escreveram: “Good God, that must stink to high heaven.”

The mum responded to the comment, confirming that the nappies do smell.

Ela disse: “It stinks so bad when I dump it in the washer. Imagine piss and poop residue just sitting there for seven days.

"Então, sim, it does stink. But the point is, after I’m done washing and drying them, they don’t stink at all.”

The mum went on to explain exactly how she makes sure her baby’s nappies get thoroughly cleaned after they’ve been sitting in the laundry basket for a few days.

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Ela explicou: "Então, for the first wash I use a little bit less detergent with warm water.

“After the first wash is done, I unstick them from the sides, and then I add a little bit more detergent with hot water this time because I really think the second wash is the more cleaning one.”

She did specify, porém, that the laundry bag full of nappies doesn’t cause the room to smellit only smells bad when she empties it into the washing machine.

Ela disse: “I should clarify, it only smells when I dump it into the washer, not when it’s just sitting in a bag in the room.”

The clip racked up 2.8 million views and commenters were divided.

“But why keep them marinating? … Just wash them”, said one critical commenter, while another wrote: “Why wait seven days to do laundry?”

Others were surprised she even used the same machine for the nappies and the rest of her laundry.

“You wash your normal clothes in the same washer?”, asked one, e outro disse: “I would need a separate washing machine for all that.”

Algum, porém, were just pleased to see that Kelsey was helping the environment by using reusable nappies.

Um escreveu: “I love stumbling onto cloth diaper moms on Tiktok!”

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