Sono andato al primo appuntamento & l'uomo continuava ad amare i peli del corpo

GETTING ready for a first date can fill you with nerves and excitement, you never know how it’s going to turn out.

But one woman was left confused after meeting a man for the first time who kept talking about loving body hair.

Sofia, 19, form the US, went to an arcade for the first date

Sofia, 19, form the US, went to an arcade for the first dateCredito: siblingsspamssometimes/Tik Tok

Utente TikTok, siblingsspamssometimes, posted a video sharing how her date went where it went viral with over nine million views.

Sofia, 19, from the US, described how the date was going well from the beginning and that they went to visit an arcade.

She jokingly says she agreed to the arcade date as; “she was used to guys playing games anyway, at least it’s something I’m used to.

Sofia and her date were playing a game in the arcade and he randomly turned to her and said; “I just want you to know that I personally do not care about body hair.

She was shocked by the comment and replied; “Grazie, that’s nice, don’t know why you are telling me that.

Or at least, she didn’t know why at that precise moment.

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She thought to herself that this guy must be super progressive.

Later on in her date, Sofia heads to the bathroom and as she is looking in the mirror she realises she forgot to shave one of her armpits.

I bet you’re wondering, how did he see that your armpit was unshaved?

“Perché? Oh, because we were playing basketball.” Lei spiegò.

Sofia looks absolutely mortified by her blunder as she finished the video, which she captioned: “Definitely did not get a second date.

People couldn’t help but laugh at Sofia’s story and user’s said one armpit not being shaved was much worse than both; “the fact it was one arm is so much worse than both.Said one user.

One user asked: “How did you get the courage to leave the bathroom?”

Other users said her date shouldn’t have even mention it; “Aww lmao why’d he have to mention it though.commented one woman.

Un altro ha detto: “He shouldn’t have even mentioned it even if he’s cool with it lmao.

Sofia's video garnered over nine million views and over four million likes

Sofia’s video garnered over nine million views and over four million likesCredito: siblingsspamssometimes/Tik Tok

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