I woke up one day and my boyfriend of four-years walked out with no explanation

BEING DUMPED is never nice, but having your partner walk out of your home without an explanation is another pill to swallow.

Fitness model Shea Jones, from Miami, took to TikTok to reveal that her boyfriend of four years left their home without a reason why and not only is she heartbroken, her dog is too.

Shea Jones took to TikTok to reveal that her boyfriend of almost four years had left her without explanation

Shea Jones took to TikTok to reveal that her boyfriend of almost four years had left her without explanation信用: 插页

Shea uploaded a video to TikTok with the caption ‘I’m at a loss for words… heart broken’.

She claimed that back in 2021: “This morning, my boyfriend of nearly 4 years told me he was leaving.

“He said he was done and leaving the country for an indefinite amount of time.

“He left us at 7am this morning and just said goodbye.

“Our dog, Zulu doesn’t know that will be the last time he will see his dad…

“You’ll always have me, I will never leave you.”


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In Shea’s video we see her and her beloved Golden Retriever Zulu, as she tells her story.

Shea’s video has clearly shocked many people as it has racked up a whopping 5.3million views.

It has 464.3k likes, 6,388 comments and 2,117 分享.

TikTokers flooded to the comments to share their support for Shea.

Shea revealed that her boyfriend didn't give an explanation for why he was leaving

Shea revealed that her boyfriend didn’t give an explanation for why he was leaving信用: TIKTOK
Shea's dog looked heartbroken too

Shea’s dog looked heartbroken too信用: TIKTOK

一位人士说: “Who can just leave a dog like that I will never understand.”

另一个添加: “True love never fails, it does get challenged but never fails. He wasn’t the one. You’ll find someone better who will never leave no matter what.”

第三个评论: “Everything happens for a reason beautiful.”

另一个说: “Oh I’m so sorry. but if he was ready to leave like that then he wasn’t right for you. when someone truly loves you they won’t leave or give up on you.”

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Many TikTokers also shared their own experiences in the comments.

一位用户发表了评论: “I felt this. When my ex and I broke up, my Dane would look for him in the house everyday. 现在, she has the most beautiful connection with my husband.”

另一个说: “I am SO sorry. My ex did the same to me but kicked me out. Most painful experience I’ve ever had. Sending you lots of love.”

添加了第三个: “My ex wife of 4 years left me and took my son, my job, and my house, put a temporary restraining order on me for defending myself. I feel your pain.”

After receiving lots of kind comments, Shea said: “Thank you so much for everyone’s such kind words. I appreciate all of you.”

TikTok users flooded to provide their support for Shea

TikTok users flooded to provide their support for Shea信用: 插页

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