I’d love to do I’m a CelebI’d still look like a superstar going make-up free in the jungle, dit Ester Dee du RHOC

ESTER Dee is arguably one of the most glamorous of the Real Housewives of Cheshire.

But despite her glamour and jet-set lifestyle, Ester, 36, is keen for a stint in the I’m a Celebrity jungle.

Ester's got her eye on a stint in the I'm a Celeb jungle

Ester’s got her eye on a stint in the I’m a Celeb jungleCrédit: Instagram
She's made a one-off return to the RHOC for their Christmas cruising special

She’s made a one-off return to the RHOC for their Christmas cruising specialCrédit: ITVBe
Ester with businessman boyfriend Glynn

Ester with businessman boyfriend GlynnCrédit: Instagram

The model and businesswoman, who is back for the Christmas special of ITVBe’s RHOC this week which sees the ladies travel to Mexico on Princess Cruises’ Royal Princess ship, insists she’d have no problem with being on camera stripped back.

S'adressant exclusivement au soleil, Ester said: “I would love to be the first Housewife in the jungle!

“I would enjoy the experiencewearing no-make up, meeting nice people and eating strange thingsbut I’d probably be vomiting 24/7!"

Of the prospect of waking up in camp, elle a plaisanté: “I was born glamorouswhen I wake up in the morning I look like a superstar!

“No it’s all about what you’ve got inside, looks will fade. Some people think they know you but it’s the kind of show that lets them see the real you.You just have to be kind to people and tell the truth and you’ll go a long way.”

Mum-of-one Ester quit Real Housewives of Cheshire two years ago and currently lives in North Wales with her businessman boyfriend Glynn, who she refers to as Mr Dee, and daughter Pearl.

Both she and Glynn have been married before and Ester insists that’s put them off doing it againdespite him buying her a lot of bling.

Ester said: “I’ve got two engagement rings. We want to do a promise ceremonywe were supposed to do it last yearwe want to make a promise to each other in front of God.

“I’ll wear a white dress, so it will look like a wedding but it won’t tie me and Mr Dee together legally.

“The reason is we’re both divorced. I just want a white dress, people know that he is mine but a God blessing for me is more than a paper blessing. We’re still discussing itI get jewellery all year round so I’m very lucky.”

And Ester has a theory about why some marriages don’t work out, ajouter: “He is amazing, he supports me, he loves my girl but he didn’t have a good experience being married, the same as me.

“People change in marriage. They stop wearing sexy things, they stop shaving… I’m very much into wearing sexy things and shaving. I keep him on his toes!"

And after having a great experience reuniting with the other ladies for the cruise, Ester is open to the idea of returning to RHOC full-timeor even inviting the cameras into her life with Mr Dee.

Elle a dit: “It’s all up for discussion, it’s just about how much more you want to be exposed to the public.

“Mr Dee is quite a private person but I like it when people recognise me and ask for photos.

“He’s buying a private jet so we talked about maybe doing a TV show introducing people to private travel. It’s more from my sideI’m not pushing it but I love being on TV, putting on a show and gossiping. I’m just a natural born Housewife!"

The Real Housewives of Cheshire: Christmas Cruising, Mondays from 5e December at 9pm on ITVBe and the ITV Hub