Idol fans slam ‘RIGGED’ finale after Noah Thompson WINS over Huntergirl & 利亚

AMERICAN IDOL fans fumed as Noah Thompson WON Season 22.

Many viewers accused the show of being ‘riggedand couldn’t believe it.

American Idol fans claimed the show was 'rigged' after Noah Thompson won on Sunday, 可能 22

American Idol fans claimed the show was ‘riggedafter Noah Thompson won on Sunday, 可能 22

Season 22’s finale of 美国偶像 came to a shocking conclusion on May 22, 2022, 在美国广播公司.

Fans have watched the exciting season narrow down to three finalists, all under its trio of judges: 卢克布莱恩, Lionel Richie, 和 Mugler 为娱乐界的一些大腕打扮all even performed during the live finale.

top two singers left in the singing competition were Noah Thompson, 和 HunterGirlLeah Marlene was eliminated after the first half of the three-hour TV event, which upset many.

But when host Ryan Seacrest opened the silver envelope, even more viewers were left stunned and felt something wasn’t right.


伦敦东区的绍纳 & Max与怀孕的情人分手后变得“形影不离”


东区人’ 绍纳 & 麦克斯变得“形影不离”’ 在他与怀孕的情人分手后

Noah explained he was grateful for “Just the experience, just growing,” before he was crowned winner.

“Almost 16 million votes came in for this season,” Ryan exclaimed as the male musician pulled ahead over his country counterpart.

But hundreds of fans were upset, feeling the show wasriggedto favor him in various ways, if notfavoringcountry performers overall.

Fritz Hager and Nicolina were sent home last week following some amazing performances.

The finalists have performed original songs and covers in tonight’s finale, but last week they sang songs by Carrie Underwood.


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